Bowling Ball Playoffs Semi Finals – Code Red VS Mako

So, finally, after a week of voting, we have our semi-finalists! And today, we have our very first matchup.

In one corner, all the way from Utah, we have the one, the only, Code Red. The Code Red has proven throughout this little contest that it is the ball to beat. It was the number 1 seed in our preliminary seeding poll, it won its first match in a total landslide, and it is proving to be one of bowler’s favorite balls from this year.

In the other corner, it’s opponent, from Hopkinsville, Kentucky — the Mako!! I have said all along that this ball has a chance to win it all. It has everything a ball needs to sell well: performance, a cool name, and an awesome logo. But does it have a chance against the Code Red? We’ll see!

So who do you guys have? Let us know below!

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