Bowling Ball Playoffs Semi Final – No Rules Pearl VS Widow Gold

Today, in our second semi-final matchup, we have two of the favorites: Roto Grip’s No Rules Pearl vs Hammer’s Black Widow Gold.

In the preliminary results, the No Rules Pearl beat out the Black Widow Gold for the number 2 seeding, but — today — I like the Widow’s chances.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the No Rules Pearl is incredible. No doubt. There’s a reason it was the number two seed and is the favorite to win this matchup, also.

But . . . this time it is going up against a Black Widow. And a gold one at that. Black Widows have always been favorites amongst bowling fans. And the gold color, likewise, has been equally as popular amongst bowlers. Pairing the two together was an obvious choice for Hammer, and because of this pairing, this ball has a real chance of making it to the finals.

So, it’s that time: VOTE!

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