Bowling Ball Playoffs Semi Finals Results – Code Red VS Mako

Okay, guys and gals, sorry this took so long, but we waited and waited to see if one of the two balls — Code Red or Mako — would pull away from the other, and it just never happened.

So as of this morning, I’m finally calling it. The results are CRAZY!

We had a total of 244 votes, and at the end of the voting process, the Mako pulled in 121 votes and the Code Red had 123.

This is obviously the closest poll we had, and by far and away the most competitive yet. Honestly, if we let it continue, either of the two could have pulled away, but we just couldn’t wait any longer.

So, the first ball into the finals of the Ball of the Year contest is: Storm’s Code Red!

Tomorrow we’ll have the results of our other semi final, and once our finalists are announced, we will begin the voting to see who you, the bowlers, have voted the Ball of the Year!

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