The Importance of a Fit Check

The importance of getting your fit checked routinely and regularly cannot be overstated.

The effect Father Time has on us is not debatable — nor is the effect it has on our hands.

Over time, our hands change, whether it’s minor or drastic. This happens most, obviously, when we’re young, but, as we age, our hands continue to change. We lose flexibility in our extremities and our joints may begin to swell from overuse.

It is paramount that every couple years — or if you begin to experience a new pain or discomfort in your hand — you get your fit re-checked.

Now, just because you’re getting your fit analyzed doesn’t mean you need to change. But it’s still worth getting looked at, just to be sure.

Having a proper fit can help improve your game, alleviate pain and discomfort, and prolong your bowling career.

Therefore, it’s a no-brainer that you should have your local shop operator take a look at it from time-to-time.

And in most cases — pretty much all — this should be free of charge.

My recommendation is next time you’re getting a new ball, if you haven’t been re-fitted recently, have your PSO take a look at your hand and your grip, and ask them to re-fit you to see how close your current grip is to what they’d have you at now. If it’s close, great. If it’s off, I suggest changing it before it doesn’t any serious harm to your hand or your game.

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