900 Global Equilibrium Video Bowling Ball Review by Bowler’s Rant

learn about the new 900 global equilibrium bowling ball

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Chris Beans introduces us to the all new 900 Global Equilibrium Bowling Ball, the newest high performance bowling ball from 900 Global.

The 900 Global Equilibrium™ features a tried and true cover-stock combined with a proven core.

The S74R™ Hybrid Cover-stock was made famous by the Inception™ and Truth™ releases. This is the first time, however, that we have offered this cover in a hybrid formulation. This cover will offer the perfect balance of traction in the oil and backend when exiting the pattern. Use this ball after the lanes go through their initial transition.

Ben Brindle’s reaction with this hybrid bowling ball was really really good the 4000 grit surface is the perfect blend of length and control to create a nice shape that punches into the pocket. Strokers and low-speed tweener’s might consider polishing this ball for added snap at the back and will benefit from a degree or less val angle on their layout. This bowling ball ball is perfect for high rev players who like to use brute force when shredding racks.

This is not an angular ball and this shape is desirable for those who prefer control and power. This is a perfect benchmark bowling ball and first one out of the bag. So where does the equilibrium fit in your bag? What bowling balls would you pair with it to make your arsenal? Would you add some polish? Let me know, drop a comment and let’s continue the conversation!

images of the 900 global equilibrium bowling ball & weight block

One thought on “900 Global Equilibrium Video Bowling Ball Review by Bowler’s Rant

  1. JEFF MEHLER says:

    I have had great success with the Inception pearl. The Equilibrium has the same Sr74R cover. Would that make these two balls at all similar?

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