Video Review of the Storm Omega Crux Bowling Ball

learn about the new Storm Omega Crux Bowling Ball

Chris Beans introduces us to the all new Storm Omega Crux Bowling Ball, the newest high performance bowling ball from Storm Bowling!

Storm is proud to showcase several of the most dynamic asymmetrical core designs on the market such as the Catalyst Core, the same core used throughout the Crux™ series, one of the most trusted series among competitive players worldwide.

In the heart of the ball lies the innovative Catalyst Core. The genius the design is in the cavity which lets the driller remove less mass with most layouts. No more second guesses or shots in the dark. The ease of drilling is self-evident in this design.

GI-20 shines in frictionless environments. Its reaction is emphasized in the transition areas between ball motion phases – skid, hook, and roll. Simply put, it never misses the spot. And it can recover from just about anywhere. Try it. We dare you.

storm omega crux vs. crux prime

The Omega Crux created more length and ease through the heads, while the Crux Prime created ample roll. The Catalyst Core provided tremendous flare on both balls, while the Omega Crux created a sharper entry angle and more hook downlane.

Storm Omega Crux vs Crux Prime Bowling Ball

images of the storm omega crux bowling ball & weight block

Storm Omega Crux Bowling Ball
Storm Omega Crux Bowling Ball Weight Block

storm omega crux ball reaction video from storm bowling

What do you think of the new Storm Omega Crux bowling ball? Will you be adding this new high performance ball to your arsenal? Let us know in the comments below!

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