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Learn About Radicals Newest Bowling Ball – The Zing Hybrid

The thing I really liked about this Radical Zing Hybrids reaction for Arthur was the fact he could attack the pocket from multiple angles and strike with ease.

The Zing Hybrid screams versatility and it has a ton of torque with this weight block. Surface adjustments should be minimal maybe a 2,000 pad for heavier volumes for most styles. For the majority of players from any style will enjoy this ball and layouts won’t be a huge issue.

Dynamicore’s effect is obvious and the Zing Hybrid’s carry is amazing. In short, I’m a huge fan and this ball is great for tournaments or house shots alike. If you are interested in learning more about this bowling ball and where you can purchase it I’ve got a link in the description from BowlersMart.com where you can pick this up.

So what do you think of the Zing Hybrid? What layout would you choose? Would you add some surface? Drop me a comment, let me know and let’s continue the conversation.

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