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Learn More About The Roto Grip UFO Bowling Ball

So what happens when Roto Grip takes their tried-and-true Microtrax cover, makes it better and then introduces a brand new core design? You get something out of this world, The Roto Grip UFO Bowling Ball.
stick around and I’m going to tell you all about it!

What is happening bowlers? Chris Beans here with bowlers rant bringing you another ball preview from Roto Grip. Okay, I am super excited to do this one today. Roto Grip just dropped a bombshell, a
new addition to their HP 4 line. The Roto Grip UFO.

Goodness, this ball looks like an absolute behemoth, I really like the core design, love the shelf appeal but I really really like the specs so let’s just into that because that is what we do here at bowlers rant.

This ball features the microtrax-s20 cover and it features the ET core which stands for equalizer technology and it is an asymmetrical weight block. The color is deep purple, baby blue, neon green and the finish is 2,000 grit abralon.

So there’s a lot of information to break down here, first of all, the Roto Grip UFO is in the HP four line and is asymmetric. The cover is microtrax and it’s a solid, so it’s gonna replace the Halo. So some really cool information about this ball, on the cover it is the newest formulation of our forever famous microtrax technology and will create greater traction in the heaviest of oils. The microtrax-s20 solid reactive cover stock is mixed with a higher nano ratio which means more grab throughout the entire lane.Roto Grip UFO Bowling Ball

Okay, so the microtrax cover was featured on the Roto Grip Idol and notably the Roto Grip halo. Nano tech (that’s particle) and it’s known for blending wet dry with a very specific motion associated with it and it looks like this is an upgraded version and this is
great for when you run into cliff on conditions you need to blend the wet/dry. Maybe it’s a little too wet or a little too dry and the ball is not going to over or under-react but now let’s talk about the core of the Roto Grip UFO.

This is really, really important so the equalizer technology core. Here’s some information about it, the space-age creation was developed with built-in cavities to emulate the use of an extra hole. As of August 2020 the USBC deems them
illegal but the built-in equalizer cavities will help increase mid lane motion and continuation down lane. A lot of times when you’re dealing with an asymmetric solid they start up early, burn up in the mid lane and then sometimes they lose some pop down lane. Roto grip is saying you know what I got you covered because a lot of people would put a weight hole in the bottom half of the ball to increase the flare and give them additional pop they can’t do that anymore as of August,

Roto Grip saying we’re just gonna go around that rule and we’re gonna put it in the core and give it to you right up front and that’s fantastic. Now you’ve got Nano and a brand new core design on a ball that is basically gonna be an absolute beast for the oil.

Let’s talk about shelf appeal, I really like the look of the Roto Grip UFO bowling ball. Swirls are easy to read as it goes through all three phases of ball motion so as the core migrates down the lane should be very easy to see when it starts to pick up and when it moves down Lane.

Now I’ve got some information on the release date of this ball looks like it is coming out on January 17th 2020. If you want to learn more about this ball and where you can get it.

I’ve got a link in the description where you can pick this up on

So what do you think of the UFO? Do you like the colors? Do you like the core design? what layout would you choose? Drop me a comment and let me know, let’s continue the conversation.

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