Lofting the Gutter Cap – Fail or Win? You Decide!

Credit to Kyle Bischoff‎ – Minnesota State Mankato Bowling Fan Page

Just wait for the second shot… This was his last shot of his senior year, it is tradition to video tape the shot and how it slipped off of his hand completely unintentional. He was trying to loft and after it fell off his hand the first time he wanted to quit but was encouraged to try again. In NO WAY was this intentional. This is why the hilarity ensued.

3 thoughts on “Lofting the Gutter Cap – Fail or Win? You Decide!

  1. Steve says:

    Total fail and a blatant disregard and disrespect of the equipment and the lanes at the bowling alley. Do that stupid crap in your own house and let’s see how your parents handle it.

    • Mitch Crilly says:

      I agree w/Steve also! When I was young I did intentional trick shots that only certain houses would allow!

      The others I was asked to stop or they 86’d me! But I never slammed my ball intentionally into equipment!

      If I was next to them, I would ask them if they have any idea of the cost to replace & repair the damage they did!!? Even the foul line lasers & sensors have to be adjusted correctly!

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