RealLife Bowling Podcast Bowling Ball Review – Motiv Ripcord Flight

Real Life Bowling Podcast Ball Review – Motiv Ripcord Flight

With Anthony Caso and Chris Polizzi

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Bowling Ball Review 1 – Motiv Ripcord Flight

The Motiv Ripcord Flight offers a beefed up version of the cover stock that is found on the Venom Shock, which, is arguably Motiv’s most popular release. Paired with the oblivion weight block, this ball offers predictability and a strong motion in oil.  I find myself using this bowling ball as a benchmark type reaction. When I need something fairly early and controllable on the fresh. I feel this core-cover combo gives me the options that last through transition longer without having to change balls. I can use shallower angels to start then transition into a Venom Shock which will give me more down lane motion.


One thought on “RealLife Bowling Podcast Bowling Ball Review – Motiv Ripcord Flight

  1. george psaropoulos says:

    i would like a little input on how you would set up a drilling speck for house shot where they seem heavy in the heads where 1 game big score 2nd game little puddle in around 3 and 6 pin a lot of the bowlers start going through the break point 3 game scores go down big time from 148 -180 i found out they do the lanes for open bowling the before the league the go over again but the heads are not clean thoroughly so you have extra oil in heads i am 83 yrs speed is 13.56 i can still bowl with the boys if you have come across and thing close maybe i might bee just getting slow i use 13 lb ball i still have a stroker swing if you can think of any way it can be play it i appreciate any input you have come across this condition

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