Excited To Get Back To Work In The Pro Shops, Check Your Fit & We Discuss The New Motiv Desert Tank

Real Life Bowling Podcast Episode 10

With Anthony Caso and Chris Polizzi

Welcome To The RealLife Bowling Podcast

We have used this first podcast is an introduction to our channel and to ourselves. The main point was to share information and our experience with bowlers of all skill levels. We touch on topics anywhere from layouts to ball motion and what it’s like bowling on tour. We offer a unique perspective, being that we are both pro-shop operators. Because of this, we are able to give you yet another perspective from that side of the industry. We wanted this first introduction to be as organic as possible, which is why we chose not to have certain points we wanted to touch upon.  Having known each other for years we felt this was the best way to approach this podcast to keep it as natural as possible.

Finally, We Get To Go Back To Work In The Pro Shops!!!

We”ve reached a milestone with this podcast series. We’ve hit double digits and for this one, we just decided to talk just like our very first podcast. We are both very excited to be returning to the pro shops here soon and get back to doing what we love. We are also very excited to drill the awesome new products from Motiv and get back on the lanes.

The all-new Desert Tank from Motiv has both of us very excited. We discuss what this balls design intent is and how we are going to try to use it when we can finally drill it. The other Microcell Polymer bowling balls Motiv has created are amazing but they don’t quite do what we’d like on shorter patterns. We both believe this ball will give us the ball motion we want to see on those patterns 37 feet and under.
We also discuss going back to work and how excited we are to be able to drill bowling balls and interact with our customers again. The new safety standards that Bowlersmart has put into place are going to be a big step into ensuring everyone’s safety. From sanitization to the organization of the store and everything in between we make sure everyone knows that we are prepared to handle our business to the best of our abilities. Excellent customer service has been something that we and Bowlersmart have strived for since the beginning.
Finally, we go over how this break has affected people physically. You go from bowling all the time to not at all in two months a lot of things can change including your fit. We urge everyone to get there fit checked before bowling again. Also, stretching and doing drills to make sure no injuries occur when you first get back onto the lanes in our opinion is more important now than ever before.

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