The Process And Mental Game For High Level Bowling – RealLife Bowlers Podcast 5

Real Life Bowling Podcast Episode 5

With Anthony Caso and Chris Polizzi

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Welcome To The RealLife Bowling Podcast

We have used this first podcast is an introduction to our channel and to ourselves. The main point was to share information and our experience with bowlers of all skill levels. We touch on topics anywhere from layouts to ball motion and what it’s like bowling on tour. We offer a unique perspective, being that we are both pro-shop operators. Because of this, we are able to give you yet another perspective from that side of the industry. We wanted this first introduction to be as organic as possible, which is why we chose not to have certain points we wanted to touch upon.  Having known each other for years we felt this was the best way to approach this podcast to keep it as natural as possible.

How To Have A Strong Mental Focus For Bowling

The process. We cover the mental checklist elite players have and how they have figured out how to use this to help them. This checklist will vary from person to person and each individual person will have their own process. This process can change depending on different situations. We also cover the difference between practice, league, and tournament play; as well as PBA events. The way each player prepares for each event can impact how they perform as well. Having a good process in place before, during, and after you bowl at any level can impact your overall outcome.

Practice. The process both of us use to practice may be different but our end goal is the same. When practicing creating a good feel as well as minimizing mistakes we feel is very important. Some People can accomplish this by bowling frequently others may be able to do this bowling less frequently. Regardless of which player you are using your practice time to improve your weaknesses and having an open mind will be beneficial.

League. For most people, this is their form of competition and their way of testing what they’ve practiced.  By having a good process set up you are able to focus on the things you can control and not worry about the things out of your control. This is the biggest downfall of league bowlers in our opinion because they focus on the outcome rather than the steps to get there. This results in trying to “make” something happen rather than allowing their body to do what they practiced.

Tournament and PBA play.  If a competitor, at any level, walks into a tournament atmosphere lacking focus it will be difficult for them to perform well. Local and smaller events are a great venue to learn how to focus and process information in front of you. There is more on the line in tournament play per se but the overall objective remains the same; if you can allow yourself to bowl uninhibited. At the professional level, those players have a very good understanding of how to allow themselves to compete at the highest level week in and week out.

For this podcast we had our very first guest on the channel. A great friend of ours and fellow Bowlersmart operator Mike Moore. He tells us a bunch of great stories from his youth bowling, to some career highlights, and his MDM business & coaching career.  Mike has a lot of great views and opinions on bowling and the industry as a whole.


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