BowlersMart & CoolWick Owner Cliff Barnes Joins To Talk Past, Present & Future Of The Bowling Shop Industry – RealLife Bowlers Podcast 8

Real Life Bowling Podcast Episode 8

With Anthony Caso and Chris Polizzi

Welcome To The RealLife Bowling Podcast

We have used this first podcast is an introduction to our channel and to ourselves. The main point was to share information and our experience with bowlers of all skill levels. We touch on topics anywhere from layouts to ball motion and what it’s like bowling on tour. We offer a unique perspective, being that we are both pro-shop operators. Because of this, we are able to give you yet another perspective from that side of the industry. We wanted this first introduction to be as organic as possible, which is why we chose not to have certain points we wanted to touch upon.  Having known each other for years we felt this was the best way to approach this podcast to keep it as natural as possible.

BowlersMart & CoolWick Founder Talks About Some Of The Early Struggles And Future Of Bowling

This week we had the awesome opportunity to talk to someone we have both known for a long time. Cliff Barnes is our friend, he’s our boss, and he’s one of the most important people in the industry today in our opinion. We discuss how he got his start in bowling and how he fell in love with it. That incredible love and passion for bowling drove him to start Bowlersmart in 2004.

The early years were rough from what Cliff told us. He didn’t have much money and was always grinding to get by.  He got a job at a local bowling center to feed his passion and spent any money he earned on new bowling equipment. Bowling was his life and he wanted to make bowling as great as it could be someday.
The early years of starting Bowlersmart were also a challenge for Cliff. At any point, something could go wrong and he would lose all he had worked for. That’s what drove him to do whatever it took, to sleep in cars and drive many hours in a day just to get by and see his dream come true. The first few pro shops were the building blocks for what would flourish into an amazing family of people today.
The future is gonna be a lot of the same goals coming from Cliff. Improving the pro shop experience and growing bowling has been the number one priority for all of us. Making sure we stay healthy and safe with the current situation in the world is one thing we know will set us apart from everyone else. At the end of the day, an overwhelming passion for bowling at a young age hs lead us here
 and we can’t wait to see where we go next.

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