What Can Bowlers Of All Skill Levels Expect From A BowlersMart Pro Shop Visit

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Bowling is a sport that requires an investment in equipment, but it also takes time to learn and practice. However, if you are new to bowling, there are many services your local BowlersMart or any pro shop provides (in addition to coaching) which will help you get started properly in the game. Here are 8 important services for new bowlers that BowlersMart professionals provide:

1) Bowling Lessons or Tips:

Professional coaches teach both children and adults with different skill levels how to bowl better by addressing their individual needs. They can even show them where they need improvement and how to work on weaknesses to make them become strengths. We are always willing to schedule individual lessons with you but sometimes you might just need a few tips or need some ideas on what to work on. We are always eager to help. 

2) Custom Fitting:

BowlersMart professionals can measure your hand for total span, finger and thumb size. The span is the distance between your fingers and your thumb. This is critical in a correct fit. Also having the finger and thumb hole sizes correct will prevent in creating more bad habits like squeezing and using to much muscle in your game.

3) Pitches and Flexibility:

Examining your hands for grip strength and flexibility to determine comfortable pitches. Correct pitches is nothing more than choosing the appropriate drilling angles the holes are put into the ball based on the flexibility of your fingers as they curl around the bowling ball.

4) Final Fitting the Bowling Ball:

Final fitting of the bowling ball after drilling. Most times someone will need minor adjustments to their custom fit bowling ball like bevel near the top of the holes for comfort, or making the thumb hole a little larger. We are also always here for you to make minor adjustments after your purchase. Sometimes if you go bowling more often your hands will swell and holes will need to be adjusted and we are always happy to do that here at BowlersMart.

5) Making the Right Decision on a Bowling Ball:

Choosing the correct bowling ball and drilling technique. Different bowling balls or made to do different things. Plastic bowling balls are great for recreational bowlers who want to throw it hard and straight. Reactive resin bowling balls open up bowlers of all skill levels to the world of hooking the bowling ball. Different surfaces on bowling balls can help or hinder ones game depending on their level of expertise and what they are trying to accomplish. Different drilling options also allows the bowling ball to hook according to your style and other variables. As you progress you will need bowling balls for certain things, like golfers use golf clubs for different shots and we are always here to help you put together an arsenal. 

6) What Kind of Bowling Bag To Buy:

Choosing the correct bowling bag for your needs. Do you need a 1 ball tote bowling bag, or possibly a one ball roller bowling bag. Do you plan on maybe buying a new bowling ball so you upgrade to a two ball tote bowling bag or a two ball roller bowling bag. Sometimes couples purchase equipment together and need a 2 or 3 ball bowling bag that will fit two pairs of shoes. All are great questions and items we can help you with online or in the store.

7) Bowling Shoes:

Choosing the correct bowling shoes sounds easy, but it can be a difficult task. Right handed, left handed, universal soles are all options. Some people will want right handed or left handed specific bowling shoes because their push foot will have rubber soles to help them get momentum into their slides. Some people prefer the universal soles that have slide soles on both shoes. There are even bowling shoes that have interchangeable soles and heels so you can change them based on the approaches. Some approaches are more tacky or more slippery than others and need different soles and heels. We always love answering any questions you have to help you get a better understanding of the game.

8) What Bowling Accessories Do I Need: 

Picking out the right accessories is tough if you are new. A lot of items can cover up some of your issues you are having when you first start. If you squeeze the ball with your thumb they make tapes that will allow your thumb to still exit clean and smooth while protecting your thumb from tearing. If you need more revolutions on the ball to help it curve you can get a bowling glove to assist. Some items to help your thumb hole fit tighter when your thumb shrinks, Items to help keep your ball clean and performing like new. All of these items you can learn about at any BowlersMart location.

If you are new to bowling, using your own bowling ball and shoes can help you progress in the game. At a BowlersMart, you can choose high-quality equipment for your needs and get proper coaching on technique getting you off to a good start.

BowlersMart offers more than just bowling balls and shoes. They are a resourse of knowledge that you can rely on and a trusted friend you have in the bowling business. All of us at BowlersMart are accomplished bowlers and take joy in sharing the game we love with others.

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