Bowling Finger Grips For Added Performance and Comfort In Your Bowling Ball

adding finger grips to your bowling ball to increase hook and comfort

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Bowling finger grips have been around for a long time and are known for their ability to help you improve your bowling game. Whether you’re an amateur or pro, they can help you perform better while also providing increased comfort. Finger grips come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors so that everyone has the opportunity to find one that’s right for them.

They are made from durable urethane material and last usually for 60 to 90 games depending on the bowler. Trying to use grips that are worn out can lead to a loss in hitting power due to you not being able to get as many revolutions on the bowling ball. Also can lead to accuracy issues from having to squeeze the ball more to have it hang on to your fingers in your swing.

The two most popular companies that supply finger grips are VISE grips and Turbo grips. Although Ultimate is starting to make some waves with their products since being purchased by Brunswick.

You can avoid splitting or wearing off of the top layers of skin by using finger inserts. Each finger insert is sized and contoured to match your individual fingers.

Some higher level bowlers purchase their own tool to remove inserts and carry their own sets of finger inserts in a case. The inserts are glued into place with safe, fast-drying glue.

BowlersMart operators are happy to remove and replace inserts for you when your old ones get worn out. We have many sizes and colors in stock. If you already use finger inserts, make sure you check them regularly and change them when they begin to wear. Getting a consistent grip on your bowling ball is very important if you want a good release. Usually a sign of wear is when the edges start to get sharp on the gripping area of the insert.

So if it’s performance or comfort that you’re looking for when playing your favorite sport, finger grips are the way to go!

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