Urethane Bowling Balls: Useful or Useless? Real Life Bowling Podcast 4

Real Life Bowling Podcast Episode 4

With Anthony Caso and Chris Polizzi

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Welcome To The RealLife Bowling Podcast

We have used this first podcast is an introduction to our channel and to ourselves. The main point was to share information and our experience with bowlers of all skill levels. We touch on topics anywhere from layouts to ball motion and what it’s like bowling on tour. We offer a unique perspective, being that we are both pro-shop operators. Because of this, we are able to give you yet another perspective from that side of the industry. We wanted this first introduction to be as organic as possible, which is why we chose not to have certain points we wanted to touch upon.  Having known each other for years we felt this was the best way to approach this podcast to keep it as natural as possible.

Things We Will Discuss In The Show

Urethane Bowling Balls, Useful or useless and when to use them

Urethane: Useful or Useless?  In this podcast, we discuss what urethane is and how it differs from reactive. How the coverstock is different and how the reaction is different between urethane and reactive resin.  On a base level urethane is very different.  We discuss the different motions on the lane in relation to oil and friction. Both are useful and understanding the difference is key to maximizing their potential.

We discuss how urethane transitions differently from reactive. Urethane and reactive interact with oil and friction differently. They both transition the lanes in a different manner. We talk about how reactive balls take oil off lane. Whereas, urethane takes oil from the front part of the lane and pushes it to the back end of the lane.  What they do to lanes is drastically different and understanding what both transitions look like is very important.

We talk about situations and patterns where we would both use urethane. Urethane is typically used on shorter oil patterns with a fair amount of volume in the fronts. Urethane creates a very early motion and having oil on the front part of the lane is important.  It is very controllable and has a purpose on certain “difficult” patterns as well to control the pocket. When we both use urethane, we seek the ultimate level of control.

Why are urethane bowling balls hated by some?

We discuss when not to use urethane and why it is hated by people who may not understand it. People watch the PBA and see professionals using urethane which makes them want to use it as well. Also, the conditions in a league setting aren’t usually ideal for using urethane. Due to the way urethane transitions the lanes it can “ruin” other people’s ball reaction. Urethane is a tool to be used when necessary, not an all the time type of reaction for most people.

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