RealLife Bowling Podcast With Caso & Polizzi Episode 2

Real Life Bowling Podcast Episode 2

With Anthony Caso and Chris Polizzi

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Welcome To The RealLife Bowling Podcast

The main point was to share information and our experience with bowlers of all skill levels. We touch on topics anywhere from layouts to ball motion and what it’s like bowling on tour. We offer a unique perspective, being that we are both pro-shop operators. Because of this, we are able to give you yet another perspective from that side of the industry. We wanted this first introduction to be as organic as possible, which is why we chose not to have certain points we wanted to touch upon.  Having known each other for years we felt this was the best way to approach this podcast to keep it as natural as possible.

Things We Will Discuss In Today’s Show

Podcast 2: Everything Motiv: In this podcast, we talk about the reason we both decided to switch to Motiv.  We wanted to see something different on the lanes to match our eye. We found that in Motiv balls. Bowling balls are just bowling balls the player needs to be confident in the shape the balls are giving them. We both had success in competition with the companies we were previously signed with. However, we weren’t completely satisfied with what we saw. We both reached out to Motiv and they offered us a fantastic opportunity to represent the brand. So far it feels like a tight nit community of players and we are enjoying every second of it.

Product line: The Motiv product line is solid from top to bottom. Venom Shock, Forge Fire, Trident Nemesis to name a few and everything in between. They do not have gaps in their equipment. When a ball is discontinued their next release typically fills the gap. We talk about what our current favorites are and other products we enjoy in their line. We discuss what type of ball we would make if we could design our own. We also give perspective on how left and right-handers view the game and the motion differences we both like to see.

How layout effect them: In the past we both had a favorite layout that worked well for our balls at the time. Every company has its own unique characteristics and layouts and that can help bring those out of the balls. Both of us had to adjust the layout on our balls to account for how different they rolled and how they compared to what we were used to. As a whole Motiv balls are much more predictable and continuous compared to what we were throwing previously.

Other Motiv staffers: We both have the privilege of personally knowing other staffers who are on the national tour. Some changed over to Motiv recently like we have while others have had continued success for years. We cover the recent acquisition of AJ Johnson and how well he’s been bowling recently. We also go over how good EJ Tackett really is and cover the comments made that if he wasn’t throwing Motiv how much better could he be.


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