Brunswick Vapor Zone Hybrid Video Bowling Ball Review

learn about the Brunswick Prism Solid bowling ball

Introducing the Brunswick Prism Solid bowling ball

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The popular and reliable Zone Asymmetric core, wrapped with Activator Plus 2.0 Hybrid. Activator Plus 2.0 Hybrid fits perfectly between the Vintage Vapor Zone and Vapor Zone Solid releases. The Vapor Zone Hybrid is finished with a smooth 3000 grit Siaair pad, providing more length and backend than the Vapor Zone Solid. The smooth surface texture of the Vapor Zone Hybrid creates less skid and more mid-lane than the Vintage Vapor Zone. The Emerald, Silver, Purple colors are eye-catching and look great going down the lane. Our testers loved the Vapor Zone Hybrid for its easy length and aggressive mid-lane and continuation

Cover:Activator Plus 2.0 Hybrid
Weight Block:Zone Asymmetric Core
Finish:3000 Siaair Micro Pad
Flare Potential:Medium / High
RG Max: 2.478
Differential (Diff):.048
Intermediate Diff: .017

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