Wesley Low Shoots 900

Wesley Low shoots 900

Wesley Low’s final shot to shoot 900 at a ten game sweeper in Arizona. Two 300s on one pair, the third on another pair.

Can we say 900!!!!

Posted by Reggie Prince Elliott on Sunday, July 19, 2020

The 900 series was bowled at the Ponderosa Singles Classic in Glendale, Arizona, on Sunday, July 19, 2020. If approved by USBC, it would be the 37th certified 900 series in bowling history.

Wesley Low Accomplishments

Junior Team USA

– Three gold medals (singles, doubles, team), one silver medal (all-events) and one bronze medal (Masters) at 2016 World Bowling Youth Championships
– Three gold medals (trios, team, all-events), two silver medals (singles, doubles) and one bronze medal (Masters) at 2015 PABCON Youth Championships
– Two gold medals (team, all-events), two silver medals (singles, Masters) and one bronze medal (doubles) at 2014 World Bowling Youth Championships
– Two gold medals (team, doubles) and two silver medals (trios, all-events) at 2013 PABCON Youth Championships
– Five gold medals and one silver medal at 2013 Tournament of the Americas


– 2019 U.S. Amateur champion
– 2018 PBA Billy Welu Scholarship Award winner
– 2017-2018 NCBCA first-time All-American
– 2013 and 2017 U20 Junior Gold Championships winner
– 2017 Intercollegiate Team Championships Most Valuable Player
– 2016-17 NCBCA second-team All-American
– Four-time PBA Regional champion

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3 thoughts on “Wesley Low Shoots 900

  1. Mike Burns says:

    Two handed bowling should have been outlawed from the very beginning. It is too much of a advantage when you do not have to worry about getting your thumb out clean which is a big key to bowling!

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