It’s Late August, When Will a New Bowling Season Start?

As always, the new bowling season “officially” arrived Aug. 1.

However, most in Michigan didn’t even notice. COVID-19 is the reason. Nevertheless and regardless of the reason, Michigan bowling centers south of Regions 6 and 8, (as defined by the state of Michigan), have not yet been allowed to re-open. (Region 8 is all counties in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, while Region 6 is 17 counties extending across Northern Lower Michigan, including Traverse City and Cadillac.) Isabella and Clare counties are listed in Region 2, along with 11 other counties that include the cities of Grand Rapids and Muskegon. (Bowling centers are expecting a favorable governor announcement this week.)

So, I just received an email letter from Riverwood Lanes with plans to re-open Sept. 1! (They’ve done lane maintenance, bumpers on all lanes now, and installed new pins for this season! (They plan to “hit the ground running”.)

With fall leagues in mid-Michigan generally beginning after Labor Day… some leagues may only be slightly delayed this season. However, large four-and-five person leagues will have some COVID-19 restrictions for social distancing.

With that said, local and state bowling organizers, (association managers to proprietors to league officers to TEAM Captains), have to be ready. They’ll all be contacting their respective bowlers to determine and fill any league openings.

For the Mount Pleasant USBC, we’ll continue serving “ALL mid-Michigan communities”, whatever bowling centers are allowed and/or choose to open.

Local schools are starting soon and, with Riverwood Lanes now planning to open, we’ll be starting our Saturday youth leagues on Sept. 26. Youth sign-up information will be at Riverwood or you can contact Becky Pope or me. Local Youth membership costs remain $10, (includes $4 USBC dues / $6 local processing fee).

See the Riverwood Lanes website to check out its league offerings.

Also, check out the Gateway Lanes (Clare) website … worthy of a visit. Contains info on leagues, special events, parties, and a host of other bowling possibilities.

Check it out today!

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