New! Hammer Black Widow Purple Bowling Ball Video Review

the newest high performance hammer widow bowling ball

Chris Beans breaks down the Hammer Black Widow Purple, an overseas bowling ball only available in limited quantities at BowlersMart!

limited edition Hammer Black Widow Purple Bowling Ball

The Black Widow Purple offers just the right amount of traction you need when your 2.0 is reading a little early and creates a lot of angle on medium-heavy oil to present a great opportunity for high scores. This limited edition Hammer ball has an even balance, smooth release off both ends, and easy control throughout your shot.

The Bowling Ball You Want in Your Bag: With the easiest bowling ball motion out there, this classic Hammer with the gas mask core leaves you wondering why anyone would choose anything else! The Black Widow Purple is perfect if you’re looking to create lots of action that will easily get you where you want to go.

Weights: 12-16 pounds
Color: Purple Sparkle
Coverstock: Platinum P
Cover Type: Solid Reactive
Core: Gas Mask
RG 15#: 2.500
Diff 15#: 0.058
Asy 15#: 0.016
Finish: 500, 1000 Compound

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22 thoughts on “New! Hammer Black Widow Purple Bowling Ball Video Review

  1. David Beck says:

    I have a Hammer BlackWidow 2.0 #12lb ball that I really like the action from it. Definitely thinking of getting this BlackWidow Purple ball to add to my arsenal, maybe a #13lb, or #14 lb ball

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