Bonus Solid and Zing Pearl Bowling Ball Info Video By RadiGal

Bonus solid and zing pearl bowling ball review from radigal

Christina Lamoureux – RadiGal breaks down the new Bonus and Zing Pearl bowling ball releases

Radical Bonus bowling ball

The Bonus has a unique core and cover combination never seen in the Radical line up.

The Bonus adds a new motion to the Radical Reliable price point. The Bonus uses a newly developed core with a lower differential .030 and a low RG of 2.48. We are for the first time using our Forged cover (this is the cover we used in the Katana line) at a price point other than Top Shelf. The addition of the Forged cover and the lower differential core design creates a ball motion that is easy to control yet offers plenty of down lane motion and continuation. The Bonus ball motion is stronger
than the Intel yet more controllable than the other Reliable price point balls in the Radical line up. As with all our Reliable and Top Shelf price points, we use the hard-hitting popular DynamiCore.

Coverstock: Forged Reactive
Weight Block: Symmetric & DynamiCore
Factory Finish: 500, 2000 Siaair
Flare Potential: High
Radius of Gyration (RG): 15lbs – 2.487
Differential (Diff): 15lbs – 0.030
Intermediate Differential (Diff): N/A

Radical zing pearl Bowling Ball

Radical is pleased to announce our new Top Shelf release that adds a third piece to the Zing line with the Zing Pearl, the Zing Pearl will yield the most backend of all the Zing balls. The Zing Pearl features the same successful core as the Zing and Zing Hybrid, and we wrapped it in our big flip cover the, Forged 2 Pearl. This combination yields the most backend in the Zing line. The color combination is eye-catching, and the backend reaction is head-turning. Combinations of shelf appeal and down lane ball motion create a recipe for success, and the Zing Pearl will not disappoint. It’s a motion all the Radical fans have grown to love and expect from Radical. The Zing Pearl also uses the popular hard-hitting Dynamicore. The #RadicalRevolution continues with the Zing Pearl.

CORE Asymmetric (DynamiCore)
COVERSTOCK Forged 2 Pearl
COVER TYPE Pearl Reactive
FINISH 500, 1000 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound
RG 2.499
DIFF  0.051
INT DIFF  0.020

Radical Bowling Balls

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