Radical Incognito Pearl Bowling Ball Video Review By RadiGal

radical incognito pearl bowling ball review from someone with average speed and revs

Christina Lamoureux – RadiGal breaks down the new Radical Incognito Pearl bowling ball 

radical results plus bowling ball

The Incognito Pearl features the same core design used in the Incognito Solid, designed for stronger overall hook motion but keying on down lane performance. The Incognito Pearl uses the newly developed S.H.A.R.P Pearl cover; S.H.A.R.P. is an acronym for Strong Hooking Angular Reactive Performance, to which we have added a pearl additive for more length and more recovery. As previously mentioned, this chemistry with the Incognito Solid uses a resin that creates a more aggressive footprint, one that has much sharper peaks in the resin make up. This chemistry yields a quicker and sharper motion from the breakpoint. Combining this chemical friction technology with our new taller narrower core design and the pearl additive makes the Incognito Pearl the perfect complement to the Incognito Solid.

Weights: 14-16 pounds
Coverstock: S.H.A.R.P. Pearl
Cover Type: Pearl Reactive
Core: Asymmetric with DynamiCore
RG 15#: 2.487
Diff 15#: 0.053
Asy 15#: 0.017

Radical Bowling Balls

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