Rachel Newcomb First Experience with PWBA

the ladies professional womens bowling association rolls into nashville

SMYRNA — Rachel Newcomb of Smyrna got to test her mettle with the professionals as she competed at the Greater Nashville Open held at the Smyrna Bowling Center last weekend.

Newcomb, a former high school bowler at Siegel, talked about her journey after bowling in high school. She was a 2009 graduate and her coach was Cliff Matlock.

During her high school days as Rachel Lampley, she competed at the individual tournament in 2008 and 2009 her junior and senior years. Her last go-around she advanced to the semifinals.

“I went to Martin Methodist for one year and found out college was not for me so I went to beauty school,” Newcomb said. “I eventually found a job at ABEC Electric in Nashville where I am an administrative assistant,” Newcomb said.

It was the first time Newcomb had competed against the pros, and found the opportunity rewarding.

“I found out in March that Smyrna would be hosting the tournament, and I was excited,” she said. “It did not matter what the cost was. I just wanted to be around all of these girls as they are amazing.”

She also noted that high school bowling is now more competitive and has gotten a lot better since her high school days.

She had two goals for the tournament — the first was to make it past the first day of qualifying to get to the final 32 bowlers, and the next was to get noticed and get her name out there so maybe she can get a sponsor to pay for her travel in future tournaments.

She bowled a dozen games on Friday and her best two were in the morning session as she bowled a 189 and a 191. In those two games, of the 20 frames that she bowled, only three were open frames.

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