Four New Brunswick Bowling Balls For Summer 2021 Reviewed By Bowlers Rant

Summer 2021 New Bowling Ball Releases for Brunswick Bowling

Chris Beans breaks down the 4 new Brunswick bowling ball releases coming this Summer

Brunswick Zenith HybriD bowling ball

Zenith Pearl caught the attention of bowlers because it reacted hard off the spot and was versatile. The Zenith Solid was just a hook monster. So logically, we brought the two reactions together to give you the Zenith Hybrid. The Zenith Hybrid will not be your strongest oil ball or skid flip reaction but will fit right in the sweet spot.

Color – Black / Ice / Smoke
Core – Zenith
Coverstock – A. X. H. Hybrid (Activator Xtreme Hook)
Cover Type – Hybrid Reactive
Finish – 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad
Weights – 16-12 lbs.
Warranty – Two years from purchase date
RG 2.485 (15 lb.)
DIFF 0.052 (15 lb.)
ASY 0.019 (15 lb.)

Brunswick Melee Jab Midnight Blue Bowling Ball

We brought back the Melee Jab a few seasons ago, and it was one of the best things we have done. The combination of the Melee core and the Savvy Hook cover system produced incredible results. We keep modifying the cover slightly to combat today’s conditions while finetuning the finish to create the backend reaction you’re looking for. The Melee Jab Midnight Blue is a ball that should be in any bowler’s arsenal that’s serious about throwing strikes.

Color – Midnight Blue
Core – Melee
Coverstock – Savvy Hook 3.0 Pearl
Cover Type – Pearl Reactive
Finish – 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound
Weights – 16-12 lbs.
Warranty – Two years from purchase date
Flare Potential: Medium / High
RG Max: 2.487
Differential (Diff): .050

Brunswick Stellar Bowling Ball

Stellar, as in exceptionally good or outstanding; that pretty much sums this beauty up. The new Brunswick Stellar is just that. We brought back the beloved Versa Max core and paired it with the always popular Activator Plus 2.0 to bring you an outstanding new ball. The Stellar is a shiny, hybrid cover with a higher RG core that will produce a completely different ball reaction in the Brunswick line. The Stellar ignores the front of the lane and is a real star in the mid-lane and backend, working best on medium to even medium dry conditions. This ball is a Stellar performer you’re going to have to have.

COLOR Royal / Ice / Black
CORE Versa Max
COVERSTOCK Activator Plus 2.0 Hybrid
COVER TYPE Hybrid Reactive
FINISH 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound
WEIGHTS 16-12 lbs.
RG 2.540 (15 lb.)
DIFF 0.052 (15 lb.)
WARRANTY Two years from purchase date

Brunswick Gold Crown Jewel Bowling Ball

Get pinpoint accuracy and show your style. Available in attractive colors and patterns at an affordable price.

Bullet Core Small-shaped version of the high-tech, two-piece.

CORE TYPE – Bullet

COVERSTOCK – Polyester

FINISHING STEPS – High-Gloss Polish

WEIGHTS – 8-16 Pounds

RG MAX – 2.715

RG MIN – 2.696


Radical Bowling Balls

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