Report Card: Storm Parallax Effect Bowling Ball by Luke Rosdahl

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The Storm Parallax Effect Has a Lot of Dig In The Midlane & A Lot of Backend

Welcome to my report card for the Storm Parallax Effect.  The Effect has been a pretty wild experience, for one it acts nothing like the original, it’s very diggy yet very boomy, and it seems like much more of a directional ball.  What I mean by that is that the original was pretty naturally continuous, it wanted to pick up and keep continuing and keep climbing.  With the Effect, I can get it to stop and go straight, I can also get it to turn sideways.  Both Parallaxes are pretty early especially for shiny balls, Traction X7 is a crazy strong formula, but once they hit 30 feet they’re night and day.  The original was almost a bit too smooth for how strong it was for Angel, the strength forced her left and then it was so slow on friction that it was hard sometimes for her to find the right angle on a house pattern, but she really likes it when there’s more volume out there because of how continuous it is.  The Effect is just too much across the board, she’s having to bail on it to get it down the lane, but because it doesn’t want to be continuous, it’s straightening out on her.  When she gets around it at all, it stops and goes left.  I think this ball definitely needs more speed, more oil, or both, because it’s ridiculously insanely strong for having polish on it.  

Parallax Effect Ratings 

I think my initial ratings of an 8 for hook, a 5 for length, and an 8 for backend can stick, it’s as strong of a shiny cover as you’re going to find, it’s pretty early and chuggy, yet still crazy aggressive on the backend, it’s just angry and aggressive throughout the lane.  If you’re a stroker or a higher speed player that needs both hook and shape down lane, if you can’t get the Effect to do enough for you, you need to stop buying bowling balls and buy a few lessons, Liz Johnson shot a 300 on the way to a 780-something total for her 3 games on the stepladder winning a recent PWBA title with it, so if you like to play the lanes like she does, might want to go have a look.  Thanks for watching and may the strikes be with you.  

storm parallax effect bowling ball

Every aspect of a bowling ball must serve a purpose. So, while Parallax Effect aesthetics are distinctive, they’re not simply a matter of appeal. Every shape and contour of the core; the unique chemistry of the cover; the color down to the finish is optimized to support its dynamic performance.

The Aeroflo Core builds on the classical Storm credence of elegance and simplicity. The ellipsed hole filled with lighter core material constructs a higher RG than what is typically found in most asymmetric balls. The flip block coupled at the bottom ensures high total differential, but without the crucial cuts on the Y-axis, the intermediate differential would be just 0.007! The strategically positioned depressions on the Z-axis 6 3/4” from the pin mimic the effect of an extra hole in a similar space and keeps the intermediate differential at a more workable amount. Having a precise ratio of intermediate to total differential makes drilling less sensitive for drillers and provides a truer roll for bowlers.

Fragrance: Orange Coffee Cake

Available: March 12th, 2021

Color: Tangerine/Midnight/Turquoise

Coverstock: Traction X7 Pearl

Finish: 1500 Grit Polished

Core: Aeroflo™ Core

Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.52

Differential (Diff): .054

Intermediate Diff .019

Storm Bowling Balls

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