Ebonite Polaris Bowling Ball Review by Luis Napoles – The Next Great Asymmetric Ball For 2021

ebonite polaris bowling ball - the newest high performance ball for 2021

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ebonite polaris bowling ball

The Polaris will be your north star when encountering heavy oil. The new Polaris series from Ebonite uses a core body similar in shape to the great rolling Aero, but we’ve added a radial disc on the bottom of the ball to create extra motion. The great thing about having the disc on the bottom versus the top is that it never gets drilled into and maintains its purpose and integrity. We have tested the same core numbers with and without the disc and can see a pronounced increase in motion by using the extra piece on the bottom. The Polaris has an updated GSV-3 Solid cover, is finished with 1500 Siaair, and loves oil.

COLOR: Orange / Sky / Purple
CORE: Polaris
COVER TYPE: Solid Reactive
FINISH: 500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad
WEIGHTS: 16-12 Pounds
REACTION: Strong overall hook
WARRANTY: Two years from purchase date

16LB – 2.490
15LB – 2.475
14LB – 2.498
13LB – 2.597
12LB – 2.593

16LB – 0.041
15LB – 0.048
14LB – 0.050
13LB – 0.041
12LB – 0.041

16LB – 0.015
15LB – 0.018
14LB – 0.017
13LB – 0.014
12LB – 0.014

Ebonite Bowling Balls

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One thought on “Ebonite Polaris Bowling Ball Review by Luis Napoles – The Next Great Asymmetric Ball For 2021

  1. Melyssa says:

    My new Polaris ball flattens out in the roll phase, causing it to miss the head pin wide right or leave a 5-7 split, even though it is supposed to be such a great hooking ball. I have generally had a good deal of hook with my other bowling balls on medium oil conditions. Might it be because it is (1) asymmetric, (B) solid as opposed to pearl, or (third) a ball that starts the hook phase really early? I am a low-speed, low-rev bowler.

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