Hammer Infamous Bowling Ball Review By Luis Napoles – Hammer’s Newest Strong Symmetrical Solid

hammer's newest bowling ball for 2021 - the infamous

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hammer infamous bowling ball

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There is a lot to talk about with Hammer’s second September launch, the Infamous. The Infamous core is a new design, and while it’s symmetric, it is packed with technology. Hammer is back to using multi-densities within the core to create new ball motions. The Infamous core has a large extradense flip block that sits on the top of the core body, and it features a radial disc on the bottom of the ball that helped give the original Obsession extra motion on the backend. There are four densities on the inside of the Infamous, including the famous Carbon Fiber outer core. The Infamous utilizes Envy Solid, the same formula as the Obsession, but is not CFI infused.

COLOR: Grey / Royal / Coral
CORE: Infamous
COVER TYPE: Solid Reactive
FINISH: 500, 1000, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad
WEIGHTS: 16-12 Pounds
LANE CONDITION: Medium to heavy oil
REACTION: Aggressive midlane and backend
WARRANTY: Two years from purchase date

16LB – 2.565
15LB – 2.559
14LB – 2.594
13LB – 2.585
12LB – 2.608

16LB – 0.043
15LB – 0.052
14LB – 0.052
13LB – 0.040
12LB – 0.040

hammer Bowling Balls

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Out of stock

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One thought on “Hammer Infamous Bowling Ball Review By Luis Napoles – Hammer’s Newest Strong Symmetrical Solid

  1. Tommy Merrick says:

    Luis, great videos that you are putting out. Your bowling technique is very nice and consistant and you don’t do any fancy stuff. I can really follow that. Thanks for all your efforts with these new bowling balls. Lately it is hard to keep up with all the changes bowling balls are going thru. Keep up the great job !

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