Top 7 Storm & 900 Global Bowling Balls Discontinued in 2021!

just announced! 7 storm & 900 global bowling balls to be discontinued 2021

Chris Beans shares recent updates to the 2021 discontinued list from Storm and 900 Global! Full specs, commentary and more! Get them before they are GONE!

What is crackin’ bowlers Chris beans here with Bowler’s Rant and today we are taking a look at the Top 7 discontinued bowling balls from Storm and 900 Global. That’s right, and these are the good ones, and you’re gonna want to gran one of these because once they’re gone, they’re gone! So let’s get into it.

#7 - 900 Global Honey Badger Intensity Bowling Ball

Coming in at #7 – 900 Global Honey Badger Intensity Bowling Ball.

The Honey Badger Revival™ features a twist on the famous Grapnel™ Core paired with a cover that has never been used on a previous Honey Badger™.

The S70™ Hybrid Coverstock makes it’s debut on the Honey Badger™ line.Offered in a hybrid version, this cover will give the player the best of both worlds.Adequate traction in the oil combined with an angular reaction off the dry!!

The Grapnel 2.0™ Core upgrades the Grapnel™ core used on previous Honey Badger™ offerings.It will provide even more length and aggressiveness at the breakpoint versus the original core.We have also maintained dynamic integrity with this new design.Performance has been optimized across all weights!!

#6 - 900 Global Honey Badger Revival Bowling Ball

Coming in at #6 the 900 Global Honey Badger Revival Bowling Ball.

The Honey Badger Intensity will build upon the success of the Honey Badger Revival by giving the player that famous Honey Badger shape on heavier oil conditions.

The S70 Solid Cover, finished at 4000 Grit Abralon, will provide more traction in the oil versus the polished hybrid cover found on the Honey Badger Revival. The Honey Badger Intensity will provide a dynamic skid/flip shape on the heavier patterns. This cover has been purposely engineered to give you a different look on heavy oil.

The Grapnel 2.0 Core Quickly became known as a piece that will lope through the front part of the lane with very little effort and change direction sharply. Most heavy oil balls feature lower RG’s to promote early revolutions off the player’s hand. Not no with the Grapnel 2.0. This, combined with the cover, will promote a truly unique shape on the fresh patterns.

#5 - Storm Incite Bowling Ball

Coming in at #5 – the Storm Incite Bowling Ball.

At the heart of all mathematics are numbers. Rest assured, there are lot of numbers built into every core. In physics, tensors are important because they provide a concise mathematical framework for formulating and solving physics problems in areas such as mechanical design. The Tensor Core forms a multi-dimensional array with a uniform type that creates opposing torque forces on an asymmetric map.

The product resembles a stronger, more powerful symmetric core model that blends the line between top-drawer asymmetric and the more traditional symmetric approach thanks to a modest touch of asymmetry between the Y and Z axes.This is a unique concept in the Storm line will fit the needs of many. No balance hole? No problem. Pro shop operators can drill the Tensor Core like they used to with intent to put a flare-increasing hole in a specific spot.

The slim intermediate differential accomplishes the same feat without any extra effort.R4S has the highest reactivity of any Reactor™ series cover and bridges the gap between mid-range Thunder™ Line and high-end Premier™ Line balls. Being a hybrid formulation, users can expect a wide array of benefits to be found on a multitude of conditions..

#4 - Storm HyRoad Max Bowling Ball

Out of stock

OK coming in at #4 is the Storm HyRoad Max Bowling Ball.

The Inverted Fe2 weight block has historically had a higher RG orientation. The higher the RG, the more resistant the ball will be to changing direction as it travels down the lane. This promotes a later transition with a cleaner shape through the front part of the lane. Add NeX into the mix,and you will see more change of direction down lane with a motion that unmistakably belongs to a Hy-Road.

NeX first made its debut on the Axiom™, the newest touchstone from which all other balls are compared. The finishing touches clock in at 3000-grit Abralon, which has become the benchmark standard of surface profiles. Easily adjusted up or down, it provides quick access to a multitude of topographies with little effort. Inherently, NeX provides a unique chemical texture once cured.

As the surface of the Hy-Road Max rolls down the lane, it starts to form weak molecular bonds with the lane material that pulls on the ball and ultimately slows it down. This is precisely what’s needed in order for a ball to hook.

#3 - Storm IQ Tour Nano Pearl Bowling Ball

Coming in at #3 – the Storm IQ Tour Nano Pearl Bowling Ball.

The premise is wickedly simple: create a ball that’s worthy of your time, energy, and dollars. It’s no mystery that the !Q has become a staple in Storm’s lineup of high performance bowling balls. Favored by bowlers of all levels all over the globe, anyone and everyone can benefit from the benchmark reaction the !Q series is able to provide.

Your favorite benchmark is back, but with a twist! Nano Pearl Reactive has never been amidst this series, until now. We decided a bridge needed to be built between our beloved !Q Tour Edition and its more robust counterparts: Phaze™ II and Axiom™. What’s been created is yet another distinct reaction that’s sure to connect with many bowlers across a multitude of styles. More midlane, more backend, and still all -forgiving – exactly what the !Q series is renowned for.

#2 - Storm Axiom Pearl Bowling Ball

Out of stock

Coming in at #2 – the Storm Axiom Pearl Bowling Ball.

Dynamics begins with physics and imagination. When motion, mass, and geometry are applied through a lens of innovation, a wholly new approach to bowling ball design is created; unequaled in the industry and guided by masters of the craft.

Rotation is the Holy Grail of bowling ball dynamics. We were bound for easy access to power and spin when designing the Orbital Core. Its compact and extremely dense central ball maintains a tight spin radius with a low moment of inertia. This means it revs up fast, with less effort required from the bowler. True, this type of complex engineering has struck an ironically delicate balance between internal and external forces. With the Axiom Pearl, that balance is struck from the inside out with a completely synergistic bond between core and cover.

#1 - Storm Axiom Bowling Ball

Coming in at #1 – the Storm Axiom Bowling Ball.

Design is thinking made visual. In Storm’s case, it’s design materialized. We understand that the perceptible is as important as the tangible. NeX (Nano Extreme) is Storm’s earliest reading cover to date. NeX Solid was remarkably earlier hooking than NRG on any pattern, or any surface we tested it on. We love all things new at Storm, and the Orbital Core is no exception. This modern take on an established concept has us stirring with excitement. The Orbital Core has a distinctly low RG axis which further complements the midlane read for which NeX was developed.

NRG™ has become a staple in Storm’s lineup of coverstocks for nearly a decade. It’s due time for an upgrade! NeX (Nano Extreme) is Storm’s earliest reading cover to date. NeX Solid was remarkably earlier hooking than NRG on any pattern, or any surface we tested it on. Our standardized durability and longevity tests showed NeX created 11% more entry angle and 9.6% more overall hook after 50 shots compared to a fresh NRG cover. Simply put, NeX gives more midlane read than ever WITHOUT sacrificing any backend! Wow.

And there you have it, top 7 discontinued bowling balls for Storm and 900 Global.Again these balls are gonna go up in value once you can’t get them anymore it’s very common to see older Storm and 900 Global bowling balls north of $200 sometimes $300 on eBay or the Facebook forums.So what do you think of this list, would you grab one, would you guys multiple and if so what layouts would you choose? Drop me a comment let me know let’s continue the conversation!More updates are coming and thanks for watching!

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  1. Marvin R. Stiles says:

    I’m a lefty and I bowl on a day league once a week but like to practice other times during the week. I recently purchased a ball with a light reactive cover but it doesn’t seem to be as reactive as when I first got it. How ever though I got a slight curve at the end of the lane just before the pins it’s just not doing what I would like and it seems to have lost some of the reactiveness. Maybe it’s not the ball so much as how I am using it. I’m still learning to roll my wrist and come out of the ball correctly.

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