8 New Bowling Balls Available in 2022

first look of new 2022 bowling balls coming soon!

*Updated November 12, 2022

Updated! Information on 11 new bowling balls releasing in 2022!

What is going on bowling fans! We’re not even out of the year 2021 yet and already new 2022 bowling balls are being announced and are available for pre-order.

2021 gave us some great bowling balls including the Hammer Black Widow Ghost Pearl, Storm Trend 2, 900 Global Zen, Motiv Fatal Venom, Roto Grip UFO Alert and 900 Global Reality to name a few.

New bowling balls for 2022 announced from top bowling ball companies including Storm, Motiv, Brunswick, Radical, Track, Columbia 300 and Hammer. These high performance bowling balls are going to kick 2022 off with a bang! Information and videos on the 15 new bowling balls available in 2022 can be found below.

1 - Roto Grip Exotic Gem Bowling Ball

The newly announced Roto Grip Exotic Gem Bowling Ball
will be available December 9, 2022.

Given the overwhelming success of the original Gem by bowlers of all skill levels around the globe, we felt it was important to make the next installment in this series something uniquely special like the first one. Let’s just say it didn’t take long for us to figure out that MicroTrax Pearl was the key element in this beauty.

So we went to work dialing in the proper ratios for each of the chemical elements to complement the nanoparticles blended throughout the entire coverstock. This was the most crucial factor in making sure this pearl ball would conquer those Medium/Heavy Oil conditions.


2 - Storm Fate Bowling Ball


The new Storm Fate Belmo Bowling Ball will be available November 18, 2022.

The Belmo story would not be the same if his path didn’t cross with Storm. For over 20 years they have formed a formidable team. Winning titles globally as an amateur and then breaking records and setting the PBA Tour on fire together for over adecade. The partnership between Storm and Belmo was not luck, it was their FATE. For a ball to be emblazoned with Jason Belmonte’s insignia, you know it must be special.

After all, his 14 majors and multiple PBA Player of the Year accolades is no small feat. This man knows what he’s talking about, so we’ve enlisted his help in designing some of the highest performing balls on the market, balls which reflect his career.


3 - Motiv Ripcord Launch Bowling Ball

The Motiv Ripcord Launch Bowling Ball is scheduled to be released November 23, 2022.

One of the most important balls in any bowler’s bag is an angular “skid-flip” polished ball for medium oil. One that gets through the front part of the lane with ease and lunges toward the pocket when it hits friction on the backend. The Ripcord™ Launch is a gorgeous pearl that nails that performance target perfectly.

It’s the first ball in the Ripcord™ series to utilize the incredibly strong Propulsion™ cover technology. MOTIV® tuned it to get the length and response to friction needed, creating the new Propulsion MVP Pearl Reactive. Utilizing this new cover, the Ripcord™ Launch handles the oil better than any previous Ripcord™ without sacrificing angularity.


4 - 900 Global Zen U Bowling Ball

The newly announced 900 Global Zen/U Bowling Ball will be available November 18, 2022.

It’s time to take our urethane to the next level! The Zen/U features the Meditate LD Core. This lower density core allows for maximum control while still providing that large footprint and shape on the lanes that the Meditate Core became famous for.

The all new s35 Urethane+ Cover provides a quicker response time compared to traditional urethane. This core and cover combination will excel on short patterns and over/under or “cliffed” house conditions alike!


5 - Hammer 3-D Offset Attack Bowling Ball

The newly announced Hammer 3-D Offset Attack Bowling Ball will be available November 18, 2022.

We are excited to introduce a shiny, pearl version to the 3D Offset family, the 3D Offset Attack. The 3D Offset, released earlier this season, has been an excellent hit for Hammer; it brought back one of the most significant releases in bowling history and has been successful on the lanes. One of the most exciting things about the 3D Offset Attack is that it is Hammer’s first release with the new HyperKinetic 22 cover base.

In this release of HK22, you’ll notice rich, impressive colors and a cleaner and more responsive cover, which creates more area at the breakpoint, leading to higher scores. The 3D Offset Attack will not be a Hammer ball to miss; it’s been extraordinary in all our testing and video shoots.

6 - Hammer Purple Solid Reactive Bowling Ball

The Hammer Purple Solid Reactive Bowling Ball will be available November 18, 2022.

The new Purple Solid Reactive is an exciting and unique ball, just as the Purple Pearl Urethane ball is. The Purple Pearl Urethane ball sells because it performs, and there’s nothing like it in bowling; the Purple Solid Reactive will be successful for the same reason.

The new Purple Solid Reactive started as an experiment to see how a strong reactive shell would perform around the high RG and low differential LED core, and the results were remarkable. The core is the exact same as the urethane model; however, the numbers are different due to the density of the reactive shell versus the urethane; this raises the differential and creates more flare, producing a stronger and more angular backend motion.

The Purple Solid Reactive will be useful for bowlers who find urethane too weak when others are scoring with it, and higher rev players will love it across a wide range of conditions.

7 - Columbia 300 Top Speed Bowling Ball

The Columbia 300 Top Speed Bowling Ball will be available November 18, 2022.

The new Columbia 300 Top Speed is the first Columbia 300 ball to feature the exciting HK22 base coverstock. The Columbia 300 additives from the Formula 1 cover were combined with the HK22 base material, creating a shiny pearl version of the high-performing Speed, and now offers easier length and more recovery.

The difference in balls tested with previously used materials versus the new HK22 base was incredibly different and created excitement with the ball testers and development team. Our testers experienced more forgiveness when they missed, which they felt created a great advantage when throwing the new Top Speed versus competitive products. You will see a significant difference in this product, and we can’t wait for the public to get their hands on it.

8 - DV8 Brutal Collision Bowling Ball

The DV8 Brutal Collision Bowling Balll will be available December 2, 2022.

The Collision was many players’ go-to ball when they needed an asymmetric ball that moved on the backend. The Brutal Collision is a fantastic follow-up and uses an even stronger reacting base cover, HK22. Adding HK22 to the Collision core and a polished, solid cover creates even more hook and a devastating backend reaction.

As promised, HK22 will create more color clarity, and the Brutal Collision is bold and vibrant.

9 - Motiv Carbide Tank Bowling Ball

The Motiv Carbide Tank Bowling Ball will be available November 23, 2022.

Following the proven success of the pearl Blue Tank™, MOTIV® set out to develop an even stronger solid MCP cover that was much closer to reactive resin than traditional urethane. Frixion™ M4 is the upgrade deployed on the solid gray Carbide Tank™. This strong Tour Edition ball is built to provide a very smooth motion on the high viscosity oils used in the competitive bowling environment today.

To help resist lane shine, the 1000 grit Carbide Tank™ shell also features technology to boost the resilience of the dull sanded cover profile. This enables the solid gray Frixion™ M4 shell to hold the box finish longer.

10 - Radical Bigfoot Hybrid Bowling Ball

New from Radical Bowling, the Radical Bigfoot Hybrid Bowling Ball available December 2, 2022.

The Bigfoot is getting an upgrade. The Bigfoot Hybrid is Radical’s newest launch, but it’s not just a mix of a solid resin with a pearl resin. Enter HyperKenetic 22, referred to as HK22. This is a new chemical compound made available through the hard work of our chemists. It is a whole new ball game when it comes to cover stocks.

Extensive details on this new compound will be covered in depth during the fall seminar swing. The Bigfoot Hybrid is the first ever symmetrical ball to feature the HK22, and boy are we excited. The Bigfoot Hybrid is stronger overall than its counterpart, the Bigfoot, but it is also more responsive to friction, giving you a Bigfoot that hooks and flips more than the original. The Bigfoot Hybrid features the same core as the original Bigfoot with an RG of 2.46 and a differential of .053 The Bigfoot Hybrid is a strong symmetrical ball, and now with the addition of HK22, it is a Super Bigfoot.


11 - Hammer 3-D Offset Black Solid Bowling Ball

The newly announced Hammer 3-D Offset Black Solid Bowling Ball will be available November 28, 2022.

We started with the core shape, creating a single density inner core with the same shape as the original. The original was a thick-shell ball, and we modified today’s version with a carbon fiber outer core. These modifications create more dynamic core numbers for increased ball motion potential and a durable, harder-hitting product. We’ve also made this a D.O.T. ball which further increases durability and eliminates layout and drilling restrictions.

Bowlers that have been around for a while will have to have this nostalgic ball, and newer bowlers will want it for its incredible performance. Just as it was 25-years ago, this one will be a stand-out.

Which one is your favorite? Are you planning on adding any of these new high performance bowling balls to your bag in 2022? Leave a comment below!

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7 thoughts on “8 New Bowling Balls Available in 2022

  1. Donnie Saunders says:

    What does it mean when a ball is a mid weight ball- is there any difference in the ball- I purchased one was just asking for clarity

    • Joshua Hamblin says:

      I’m a two handed lefty bowler and I can definitely say that it is easy to control especially in the front part of the lane and it has a great amount of hook in the back end but I would say to only use it in heavy oil because in light oil it hooks way too much

  2. James Wann says:

    I use to bowl in leagues 5 days out of the week. That was a long time ago and my favorite ball, or the the ball I used the most, was my Blue Hammer. This was back in the late 80’s to early 90’s. I was actually the 7th ranked bowler in Texas for a while. I bowled with my “EX” wife and when we got divorced I bowled in a scratch league for a couple of years but eventually but up the old Linds and haven’t bowled another game since. I’m 60 years old now and have a lot more time on my hands and want want to start up again. I still have my 16lb Blue Hammer and I also have a 16lb Rhino. I have two more but I can’t find them so I’ve decided to buy a couple of new balls and new shoes. I see that Hammer has just released two new balls and I’ve watched a lot of videos on YouTube where bowlers are expressing such high praise for the Purple Hammer Urethane ball. I want to get a urethane and a reactive resin ball with what little history I’ve given you, do you have any suggestions?

    • Brian says:

      I’m a big fan of the “Idol” series of balls. I have the original idol and it’s very controllable. I also have an original blue hammer from the late 80’s-90’s. The idol acts a lot like the hammer with added strength. One big arc the whole way down the lane. It’s not available, but the cosmos is looking like a replacement for it. I believe it’s a bit stronger at the back end.

      • Willie Hale says:

        I agree I’m 55 and have 3 of the idol series of balls and I love them. The ball I’m killing with now is Proton Physics.

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