Ebonite GB4 Pearl Bowling Ball Review By The Hype

Video Preview of the ebonite gb4 Bowling Ball

We are taking a look at newly released Gamebreaker 4 Pearl or like most like to call it the GB4Pearl!

This is an highly anticipated release for the Ebonite Brand following up the success of the GB4 Solid that was released last year! These balls share the same core design but the GB4 Pearl is wrapped with the GB-12 Pearl Coverstock. This cover was also found on the Gamebreaker Asym that was released last year as well. The core numbers for the GB4 Pearl area RG of 2.480 and differential of 0.048 in 15lb pounds.

My initial thoughts of the Ebonite Gamebreaker 4 Pearl bowling ball

WOW it hooks a ton but it gave me some tug room when I missed it left. Out of Box with the 500, 1000, 1500 sia-air micro Pad crown factory compound, this ball glides down the lane with easy. Especially with this out of box finish this wouldn’t be my ideal ball for the first game of league unless you bowl in a high friction center. With me being more of rev dominate player I could make this ball work earlier and making the adjustment on the lane which had me move about 10 right of my normal starting position and play the lanes more direct. I have thrown this ball several league sets now and it really gives me a lot of area on a house shot, and who doesn’t love a little miss room? This ball will definitely look smoother on a fresh house shot but as the lanes transition you really begin to see how much this ball can move once there is more friction.
Ebonite Gamebreaker 4 Pearl VS Hammer Web Pearl Bowling Ball
When I thought about balls to compare the GB4 Pearl to one ball came to mind, the Hammer Web Pearl. This ball has been a staple in my bag since it has released, and as I began to research the new GB4 Pearl the numbers jumped out me quickly. These two balls share very similar to core numbers in 15Ibs. At the time of me throwing the GB4 Pearl I was unaware of this but now it makes sense why I am so fond of this ball already. I have the GB4 pearl faster downlane where the web pearl will make a more gradual move at the break point. Both are very clean through the front part of the lane. Both balls allow me to play much deeper on the lane when balls like the Black Widow Ghost is burning up because of the friction on the lane. I can open my angles up and play 5th to 6th arrow if necessary and I feel extremely confident in this balls ability to carry the 10 pin. If you were looking to replace your Web pearl this a great option todo so. I have heard mix reviews on the Web pearl. If you found that it was little too slow for the angles you like to play I believe the GB4 Pearl will definitely be a better match up for your game. This ball fits right in the middle of my bag, definitely weaker than the Black Widow Ghost, but more hook than a Hammer Raw. The GB4 pearl will tell me quickly whether or not it is the right ball for the situation and if I should ball up or ball down. If you are looking for a great symmetrical pearl this ball is it!

Ebonite Game Breaker 4 Pearl Bowling Ball

It is hard to beat a Game Breaker, this series always performs, and bowlers know they can rely on it. The GB4 was a fantastic release last year for Ebonite, and we are following it up with a pearl version. Compared to the GB4 Solid, you can expect a much cleaner ball motion with excellent continuation. This ball will not be the longest and strongest pearl ball in your bag. However, it will be the most versatile and useful on a wide variety of conditions.


COLOR: Ruby / Smoke
CORE: Enhanced V2
COVER TYPE: Pearl Reactive
FINISH: 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair With Crown Factory Compound
WEIGHTS: 16-10 Pounds
REACTION: Length with strong backend
WARRANTY: Two years from purchase date
RG: 2.48
Diff: 0.048

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