USBC & Storm Products Announce Agreement of National Tournament Exclusion & Ball Exchange Program

The United States Bowling Congress and Storm Products have agreed on a national tournament exclusion rule and ball exchange program for six Storm Products manufactured ball models. The agreement comes after USBC identified the models having a percentage of balls produced below USBC minimum 73D hardness specification.


USBC’s investigation showed a percentage of these ball models measured below the USBC-required hardness level of the approval samples submitted by Storm. Storm collaborated with USBC after being notified of this testing.

The affected models include:

Effective March 30, 2022, these balls models are prohibited from use in USBC national tournaments, including, but not limited to, the USBC Masters, U.S. Open, USBC Open Championships, USBC Women’s Championships, all PWBA Tour events, USBC Junior Gold and Youth Open Championships, USBC Intercollegiate Championships, USBC Team USA Trials, USBC Senior Masters and USBC Senior Queens.

These ball models remain USBC approved. Each USBC competition, whether tournament or league, has the option to adopt USBC’s national tournament rule prohibiting use of these balls or to continue to allow their use.

USBC has shared this national tournament rule with Storm and has Storm’s support. Storm will offer owners of the affected balls the option to exchange their balls for a new product. Information about the exchange program will be published later this week on

“USBC thanks Storm for the collaboration and for working together on a solution for our members,” USBC Executive Director Chad Murphy said. “There is no perfect solution to this type of problem, but this agreement strikes a balance in protecting the integrity of USBC national tournaments, while giving members a choice to do what is best for them locally.”

As part of the agreement, Storm Products will discontinue sales of the affected balls. USBC has concluded its investigation and will not be taking action on additional balls related to this production issue.

“Storm appreciates USBC working with us on this agreement, so we can put the issue behind us and focus on our customers,” Storm Products President Dave Symes said. “Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority, and we will take care of our customers.”

This agreement does not change the status of the Storm Spectre. The Spectre remains unapproved and on USBC’s non-conforming ball list.

Go to to learn more about the equipment specifications.

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28 thoughts on “USBC & Storm Products Announce Agreement of National Tournament Exclusion & Ball Exchange Program

  1. Albert Stiriz says:

    Who will pay the cost of replacing the thumb slugs when the balls are replaced and Redriled. I will have 2 balls to be replaced.

  2. Jay Hendershot says:

    In the case of the OC it makes no sense to prohibit there use for future bowlers when previous bowlers may have already found success with them. If they are still USBC approved let them continue to be used.

  3. Nick says:

    I’m not affected personally, but I don’t like the decision to do this after tournaments have started…the Open Championships and the Masters

    • Dale says:

      My problem is these balls were already used in open championships, thus creating a unfare advantage to one’s that bowled already. The proper way was to allow them as long as they meet the 73, not all of them are under. Check them like they did in past and assume one’s used were at 73. I see someone filling a law suit.

  4. Andrew says:

    My proshop said you will need to fill out the form with your information of where you purchased the ball and serial number along with photos of the drilling and serial number. You will be able to select from a number of balls determined by Storm and they said Storm will be giving a gift card of $50 for drilling the ball. I’m in North Jersey and it is right around $50 depending on the drilling you need whether a regular slug and finger tips or interchangeable thumb may go above this.

  5. Robert says:

    My question is what about the balls that have already been used in the open tournament? What if anything be done about that.

  6. Shawn Brunecz says:

    If these balls are still allowed for leagues and an award score is shot, will it still be recognized by USBC?

  7. James moran says:

    I have the trend 2 and the 900 global Wolverine . Both are drilled and they both have switch grips what do I have to do or replace the equipment

  8. Mike Kaesbauer says:

    Storm should be responsible for the drilling and accessories cost as well. Finger grips and thumb sleeves depending on which one you have are about 25 dollars, finger inserts are around 10-15. It’s just not about replacing the ball.

  9. Mary Jo Short says:

    Unfortunately, it just shows that USBC does not care about the amateur bowlers. It will cost the amateur bowlers to replace finger tip inserts, any thumb slugs and/or sleeves and of course your switchable thumb grips. Does USBC care? Absolutely not.

  10. Chris k says:

    How’s a bowling ball illegal anyway? A person still gotta lace up their shoes, line up and throw it. The ball itself isn’t going to give 1 person any advantage. I stopped bowling 15 years ago and decided to come back to drama. What is the power over stepping is the usbc doing? Can we get the ABC back?

  11. Rick says:

    This ruling makes no sense.
    Its either legal or its not.
    Follow the specifications and requirements or why have them
    Usbc is a joke

  12. taco says:

    what is going on here….the USBC are the real screw ups here. how are you guys going to approve balls and then restrict their play. their quality team needs to get fire

  13. Jim baldwin says:

    First I had to exchange the spectre then went and got a phase 4 and exchanged for the wolverine. So I had a ball to take to nationals. Now all three have been banned from nationals. With only weeks away. This is not good.

  14. Jeff P says:

    If it’s illegal then it should be illegal for all. Usbc is being too broad and is allowing certain leagues and tourneys to make the call? Not good!

  15. Richard Wardell Gee says:

    This is all about money and control just like the Covid lock downs. Revolt allow all over seas balls also.

  16. Richard Wardell Gee says:

    This is all about money and control just like the Covid lock downs. Revolt allow all over seas balls also.

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