Adding Surface To The Storm Phaze V Bowling Ball Makes It a Game Changer

Adding surface to the Phaze V made it go from an OK ball to an amazing piece!

What’s going on guys welcome back to the channel this is what a phase five looks like with polish and this is what it looks like with a little bit of surface. I don’t really know if the camera can really tell that this doesn’t have the polish on it, it’s a little surface but today we’re going to take a look at the phase five with surface.
Real quick we’ll talk about the tech in the phase five, we’ve talked about it a bunch. The core is the velocity core 15 pounds is the RG of 2.48 Max differential .051 wrapped around that is the r2s Pearl cover stock that comes out of box at the reacta gloss finish. This however does not have the reactor gloss finish I hit this with a 1000 pad right over the top of that polish and then right over the top of that I hit it with a 4000 pad just to knock the shine off kind of smoothing it out a little bit. I really like the motion of the phase five but with that polish it’s not very good for me on the fresh, way too clean, way too jumpy off the spot if
I miss into the oil it never hooks. So we’re going to hit it with a little bit of surface to see if this is going to be the game changer or not so let me know down below in the comments if you guys prefer your balls a little bit of polish or a little bit of surface.  We’re going to be here on a fresh typical house shot and if you’re
wondering this is the pin down layout that I uh that I really liked which is 30 by 4 by 70.
All right so this video did two things for me the first thing it did was it told me that I prefer the phase five with a little bit of surface versus that polish. The second thing that it did for me is it tells me that the phase five is a good good ball. Now I’m not going to say that it’s better than a phase two because that would be blasphemy, phase two is one of the greatest balls of all time but the phase five is a good ball. It is very very versatile as this video proved because with the surface it completely changed the dynamics of the ball. With the Polish it was very clean through the fronts, very boomy and didn’t look all that good on the fresh. There had to be a defined friction with the polish with a little bit of the
surface it looked fantastic on the fresh then when I got left and slow hooked it
to the right it looked phenomenal. I hope you guys are seeing that too thank you
guys so much for joining me in today’s video,  till next time. 

Storm Phaze 5 Bowling Ball

Can you feel it? That’s power. Pure, unchecked tournament-winning power. Combining proven technologies, the Phaze V is an alchemy of components that will provide nothing but soaring scores. Every ball has the general desire to imagine itself as the start of something entirely new, unbeholden to what has come before. When the salt settles, we’re left with neither triumph nor tragedy. Instead, it’s one more chapter in the continuing saga, punctuated by a moment of genuine awe. One of those moments is right now.

This low RG gem has a strong heart. Being one of the most aggressive symmetrical balls ever devised, your shots become more comfortable so you can bowl with effortless focus on your shot quality. The Velocity Core is designed to help you play at pace with more revs, power and control, for true consistency. There is a reason this construction has turned into the go-to chassis for professionals around the world.

The Phaze 5 is the reissue of the Phaze 4 in a different color and with the new Reacta Gloss finish. It comes with the tried and tested R2S Pearl shell, which you’ve also seen on the Hy-Road Pearl & Trend. With this surface, it glides longer than the Phaze III and gives off a stronger backend response.

What’s noticeable is that his mid lane movement isn’t all that much smaller. So you get a ball here that is really versatile. It will mainly be used on house patterns and played sports patterns. With the new color pattern you can also see its rotational movement very well.

















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