Storm Bowling Balls can be found in the hands of many prominent professional and amateur bowlers alike. Storm Products, Inc. has full time representation on the men’s and women’s Professional Bowling Tours. The Storm name still continues to grow throughout the world.

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Well it’s a Hy-Road
I really don’t know why I was surprised this ball was good when I got it..I guess thinking that nothing was going to be better than the Original Hyroad kinda put a doubt in my head. But I was very surprised at how well this ball compliments the Hyroad.. I dont know much about covers and what not..solids, pearls, hybrids, etc…but the Hyroad Pearl
Chris B

The Storm iQ Tour Emerald utilizes the C3 Centripetal Control Core and the R2S Pearl Reactive Coverstock. For the bowlers that missed out on the iQ Tour Pearl (Gold), this is your second chance to own one. As with the Gold version, the ball motion of this symmetrical pearl was predictable and pin carry good. I had better carry when I was going straighter through the front part of the lane, but that was probably because of my lack of revs. I feel all styles will enjoy this one though. I will use the Storm iQ Tour Emerald as a step down ball when the fronts start to burn early for the asymmetrical balls and stronger symmetricals. It can also be a benchmark ball in your tournament bag. 

Kevin D

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