Roto Grip Hectic Video Bowling Ball Review

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Roto Grip Hectic
The new Roto Grip Hectic gives users an extremely long and aggressive back-ending ball for medium to lighter oil conditions. Hectic starts out with Roto Grip’s Late Roll 56 core shape, previously used in the Devour. Combined with a 50 ML Pearl Reactive cover, this ball has extreme length through the front of the lane, ignoring all friction in the heads. The pairing of this lengthy cover with a high rg, medium differential core gives Roto Grip users one of the cleanest reactive balls in their lineup. Hectic is finished off with a 1500 grit polished finish, and comes in a violet and smoke pearl combination, making for a sharp looking ball. The new Roto Grip Hectic, longer, controllable, and just enough power. Available from!

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