BowlFit Tip of the Week – I’ve Got Your Back

bowlfit-logoIt’s strange to think how little we focus on our entire back, upper through lower, when we consider a lifting routine. We all want bigger arms, tight abs, toned legs, and firm backsides. But what about the muscles that literally provide structure for you to do all of those other exercises? Strengthening the muscles in your back is key in preventing many injuries related to improper lifting. For example, have you ever been told to lift with your legs, not your back? It’s true. Often times we compensate by using our back instead of legs (or other muscles, depending on the action). Our back muscles are smaller and can’t produce as much power as larger muscles, but it’s important to strengthen so that it can be used appropriately. If our muscles in our back are too weak, we could end up hurting them if we try to use them alone instead of in conjunction with other muscles. Lift with your legs and keep posture in your back!

Here are some back strengthening exercises you can utilize in the gym:

bent row and all rowing movements (middle back)
bench pulls, inclined or regular (middle back)
dead lifts (lower back)
pull-ups (upper back)
lateral pull down (upper and middle back)
hyperextensions (middle and lower back)
bridges and pelvic tilt (middle and lower back)

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