The Art of Crafting a Bowler’s Knee – BowlFit Fitness Tip of the Week

bowlfit-logoThe Art of Crafting a Bowler’s Knee

Common overuse injuries in bowlers occur in the knee that they slide with. In order to prevent any and all sorts of injuries in that crucial joint, actively training and stretching that joint is necessary. Practicing proper range of motion and maintaining appropriate resistance, along with relief and rehabilitation, are all key in preventing or treatment in knee injuries. Extreme knee injuries might require knee replacement surgeries.

Make sure you are working both your quadriceps AND your hamstrings adequately. Having an imbalance in strength can increase risk for injury in the knee. Typically, hamstrings are weaker than quadriceps and thus already put more strain on the quadriceps naturally. Any additional increases in quadriceps strength should be accompanied by increases in hamstrings strength, otherwise injuries can occur.

Stretch, stretch, stretch. It cannot be overemphasized. Lacking the proper range of motion in the knee can lead to overcompensation and thus direct injuries (twisting, strained muscle, etc.) as well as overuse injuries (inflammation, impingements, etc.). Get your muscles strong and loose to best prevent mishaps!

Don’t be afraid to join a inpatient rehab, even if you’re healthy. Who says ice, heat, tape, and massage can’t be practiced when there’s no symptoms? Icing can help tame the normal soreness that comes a few days after weightlifting, but can also ease inflammation in other areas of the joint that may be developing beyond normal reactions to exercise. Heat can help loosed up muscles before a good stretch session. Tape can, theoretically, trace the direction the muscles and tendons run to maintain that during use. Massages can help stimulate muscles before or after activity in order to help get muscles warmed up or reduce exercise-induced soreness. The knee can benefit from all of these modalities even when it feels healthy. Prevention is key. You knees will thank you in the long run.

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