Preparing Your Body For Competitions: BowlFit Fitness Tip of the Week

bowlfit-logoWith Team USA Trials starting this week, it would be suitable to talk about physically preparing for competition in the gym. Many competitive bowlers have taken on challenges before beginning the grueling week. There are many different preparation focuses, but we’re going to focus on how to adequately prepare yourself for that lengthy tournament you’re anxious to dominate at. Here’s some tips and guidelines that could help you:

Make yourself a promise to attend the gym or perform exercises a certain amount of days. Create a 21 day running challenge or squat challenge for yourself 3 weeks before competition starts so you’re exercising those key muscles and maintaining endurance for the grind.

Follow your workouts with stretches. Getting in tune for competition is great, but activating those muscles and getting them loose quicker will benefit you most when you’re looking to speed up your warm-up. The more you stretch, the looser you can make those muscles with time.

Demanding more from your body and mind when you’re pushing it in the gym can help train you for when you might hit lags in competition. Constantly building a frame of mind and work ethic are key for both training and competition.

Create a very basic routine. Practice your daily gym routine so you can get keen with repetition and self-talk. Getting comfortable routines can elicit the same “in the zone” feeling when you’re competing.

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