Fueling Your Working Body

bowlfit-logoSupplying a working body is different than eating a balanced diet. If you’re looking to build muscle, it’s crucial that protein is replenished after training. If you’re exercising aerobically, replenishing glycogen stores is important. Here are some useful tips for choosing your fuel before and after exercise:

1. Eat your largest meal with high protein AFTER your training for the day. Then you can immediately replenish stores and build muscle with protein servings.

2. During and after longer aerobic workouts like running/jogging, choose fruit snacks, fruits, pretzels, and nuts or seeds in order to balance electrolytes and replenish glycogen stores.

3. If you’re utilizing protein supplements, try smaller portions over 2-3 hours post-training instead of one large portion immediately following. The constant, slow intake of protein allows for maximum muscle repair and building.

4. Avoid binging before working out and try not to force exercise on an empty stomach. Balance is always key for both exercise and nutrition.

5. Consider eating a few small meals throughout the day rather than three large meals. Balancing caloric intake might be easier with smaller, constant intake rather than larger meals and longer wait periods between.

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