Plyometrics for Maximizing Strength Training – BowlFit Tip of the Week

The thought of bowlers utilizing plyometrics seems out-of-place, however, there is a very special role for it in a resistance training regimen. Plyometrics maximize strength training by building power. Regular weight lifting is excellent for strength gain and muscle hypertrophy. But, resistance training alone doesn’t translate directly into how muscles are being used day in and day out. Incorporating plyometrics builds power and can even improve strength gains in addition.

By fine-tuning your muscles and amping up their power, you can increase your awareness of quick body movements which can directly translate into increased awareness of your body whilst bowling. Consider how some of the best bowlers in the world talk about how they can feel and sense their body and movements, which leads them to quickly address something that feels out of place and improve it immediately. Better yet, plyometrics can be very entertaining! Contemplate incorporating it into your gym routine as you prepare for a summer full of intense competitions!

Examples of Plyo Exercises:

1. Front Box Jump
2. Lateral Jumps
3. Square Jumps
4. Skater Jumps
5. Lateral Box Shuffles (for the more advanced)

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