Modalities of Training: Find What You ENJOY – BowlFit Tip of the Week

My Fit Tip this week is to find a form of exercise that you actually enjoy because believe it or not “working out” shouldn’t actually feel like work. People are so reluctant to hit the gym because they think it has to be this miserable sweat bath in order for it to be effective or to get results. This leads to people attending for a while, hating it, and quitting just as quick as the started (just like we see with New Year’s Resolutions). The best way to truly get fit and healthy is finding physical activities you don’t dread. Of course, you want to get a good mix of stretching/flexibility, resistant training for strength, and aerobic conditioning for cardio-respiratory health; but there are so many different ways to achieve that. See my list below for ideas!

Weight Lifting (Strength)
Cross-Fit (Strength + Cardio)
BootCamps (Strength + Cardio)
Pilates (Strength + Flexibility)
Yoga (Mobility + Meditation)
Boxing/Kick-Boxing (Strength + Cardio)
Cycling (Cardio)
Zumba (Cardio)
Swimming (Strength + Cardio)
Hiking (Strength + Cardio)

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