Five Women’s Collegiate Players to Watch This Season

Last time we talked about college bowling, we gave you five players in the men’s game to keep an eye out for, for the upcoming college season. This time, we’ll be taking a look at the five women players to look at.

Like our last list, this list will not be in any particular order. We’ll simply be listing five players that we believe will be standouts this year.

As we said last time, this is not easy to do, and there are certainly many other great players that will be left off our list. But when you’re trying to narrow it down to just five players, there will always be deserving players that are left off of the list.

But without further ado, let’s begin!

Breanna Clemmer, McKendree:

Clemmer, a former and current Jr. Team USA member, is as good as anyone in the college game. With a powerful, athletic physical game, Clemmer is able to overpower many of her competitors with her powerful strike ball. In her younger years, Clemmer had a significant loop in her swing. However, as she’s gotten older and worked with some of the game’s best coaches, Clemmer has significantly improved her swing. Now, she has very little, if any, real weaknesses. Look for her to build upon her freshman year that resulted in a National Championship.

Julia Bond, Nebraska:

Bond is as steady as they come. Also a multi-time Jr. Team USA member, Bond has been at or near the top of the women’s game at every level she has competed at: youth, college, and, no doubt, at the professional level, if she so chooses. Her physical game is extremely simple and easily repeatable. Thanks to her simple game, Bond is able to do a lot of different things with a bowling ball. Despite not having as much power as some, Bond is still tremendously good at getting in and hooking it.

Maria Bulanova, Vanderbilt:

With one of the most powerful games in women’s collegiate bowling, Bulanova is sure to be a force to be reckoned with. A multiple time member of Team Russia, Bulanova has been a talented player for years. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see her compete, Bulanova combines the simplicity of Bond’s game with the power of Clemmer’s. Quite a special talent, to say the least.

Stephanie Schwartz, Stephen F. Austin:

Another former/current Jr. Team USA member. When you watch Schwartz bowl, she doesn’t do anything flashy, really. She just flat out knows how to bowl. Similar to Bond, Schwartz has an incredibly simple game that makes repeating shots very easy. Schwartz has made back-to-back Collegiate Single Championship finals, so, needless to say, I am not going out on a very big limb predicting Schwartz to have a big year.

Sydney Brummett, Wichita State:

No surprise here, but Brummett, like every one of the women on this list, represents her country on Jr. Team USA (Bulanova represents Russia). Also no surprise, Brummett, like the other girls on this list, has a very simple physical game. This is a common trend, if you haven’t noticed. Simple game equals less moving parts and a better chance to repeat shots. Pesonally, the simpler the better, in my opinion. And Brummett is one of the absolute best at keeping her physical game quiet, sound, and simple.

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