Top Collegiate Programs For 2017/2018

After taking a look at some of the best men and women players in the collegiate game, I felt like we should go over the best college programs in the land. Today we will be looking at the top three USBC Women’s Programs, the top three NCAA Women’s Programs, and the top three Men’s Programs.

USBC Women’s Programs:

Wichita State University:

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Wichita state, as always, will be one of the teams to be reckoned with in the Women’s game. Also, water is wet.

Webber International University:

Over the last several years, no women’s program has been as consistently successful as Webber International. What their coaching staff and players have accomplished in recent years is truly amazing.

Midland University:

They may not be household names like the previously mentioned two programs, but, nevertheless, they’re extremely talented and deep this year. Don’t be surprised if and when they make a run this year.

NCAA Women’s Programs:

McKendree University:

It should come as no shock to anyone that the defending National Champions are on this list. What Brian and Shannon have accomplished with that program in such a short amount of time is nothing less that amazing. This is an incredibly well-coached team with a lot of talent on the roster. I like their chances at repeating.


For as long as I have been bowling, Nebraska has had a competitive women’s bowling team. And this year will be no different. Terrific coaching staff. Talented roster. And they always recruit extremely well, so you know they’re going to be adding talented freshman to their already talented roster. As always, Nebraska will be there at the end.

Arkansas State:

Like Midland in the USBC, Arkansas State isn’t your usual powerhouse, but, nevertheless, they are a powerhouse. They dominated the regular season last year, and many of their more talented players are returning, so I look for them to build on last year’s success and continue to be a contender.

USBC Men’s Programs:

McKendree University:

Over the last two years, no team has been as dominant. After making back-to-back National Championship finals in which they went 1-1, McKendree is looking to make it three straight finals and two titles in three years. And knowing their coaching staff and several of their players, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

Webber International University:

Everything I said about their women’s program applies to their men’s program. They have some of the best coaching in the country as well as some of the most talented players. They recruit internationally as well as any program in the country. And they are returning many of their players from their National Championship team last year.

Wichita State University:

It is hard to make any list and not mention WSU. They have been a collegiate powerhouse for longer than I have been alive. And this year will be no different. They lost one of the most talented players in the country in Kamron Doyle, but I have zero doubt that they still have enough talent on their roster to be amongst the very best programs in the country this year.

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