Different Bowling Ball Brands

Recently, I have been drilling a lot of bowling balls for myself, as I am preparing for the upcoming league and tournament season. I have been drilling a lot of different balls, from different brands, and – I know it sounds cliché – but there really isn’t a such thing as a “bad bowling ball” anymore.

These brands – all of them – are making very good, quality products. I will say that I notice a distinct difference between every brand, but I don’t think that is a bad thing. In fact, I’d argue that, for you, the consumer, this is a plus.

You’re able to have a variety of products in your bag that will give you a variety of shapes for a variety of conditions – key word here being variety.

And I for one can’t say that I think any one brand is necessarily “better” than the next. What I can say is that they all offer something entirely different from the other, which I really appreciate. Sure, there are some things that brand A is better at than brand B, but, vice versa: there are things that brand B is better at than brand A.

What I am saying is, it is all about trying to find what works for you, your game, and the conditions you’re bowling on.

Today, I want to go over a few balls from different brands that I have recently drilled that impressed me the most:

Brunswick Vintage Inferno – I for one love the versatility and usability of this ball. It is clean through the fronts without missing the midlane. It offers a strong, continuous motion that matches up on a variety of conditions for me.

Motiv Trident Quest – Personally, I love Motiv, and the people at Motiv. I think that they have some of the best people in the entire bowling industry working for them, and I am always happy to see them succeed. And this ball is definitely a success. This is a new, exciting shape that I haven’t seen them offer before. Probably my favorite Motiv ball since the Venom Shock, and that is saying something, because I absolutely LOVED that ball.

Storm Code Red – I know this ball has been out awhile now, but they only ball newer than this in their current line-up is the new Intense, which I haven’t drilled yet. But back to the Code Red: I love this ball. In my opinion, Storm single-handedly made big shiny asymmetrical balls relevant again for the first time in a while. And this and the Code Black are to thank for that.

Ebonite Affinity – This ball is awesome. Period. Very clean, very continuous through the pins. It is fairly quick downlane, to be honest, but in a good way. For me, this is a ball that gets used a lot later in blocks. I like this one quite a bit.

900 Global Drift – Literally the best ball I have drilled in a long, long time. In terms of a lower end ball, probably the best ball I have drilled since the 08 Hyroad; it is that good. For me, it is perfect. Its clean without being too clean. It is strong enough to use on a variety of conditions late. The colors are perfect, as it is very easy to read. And the performance is, in my opinion, unlike ANYTHING else on the market. I feel like I could strike for hours on end once I get this ball in my hand.

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