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With league season fully under way now, I wanted to talk about lane patterns. More specifically, if your center, like ours, changes patterns year-to-year. Whenever a center does this, the changes – though likely small – sometimes feel, at least at first, magnified.

The reason for this is typically just your unfamiliarity with the new pattern. When you bowl on something for the first time – be it sport of house – you don’t know what to expect, what moves to make, or what balls will necessarily work best on it.

For example, the new pattern, conditioner, and lane machine we’re using at our center actually – in my opinion – have helped more than they’ve hurt; I’d argue that the lanes are significantly easier than they’ve been in years.

But, still, there are those that are struggling. And in my opinion, this has nothing to do with the pattern being difficult for them or their equipment not matching up, but, rather their lack of familiarity to the conditions.

I have had a lot of customers come in asking me what they need to do to perform better on the pattern, and each time I tell them the same thing: be patient.

The only thing you need to do is give yourself time. You just have to become familiar with the new conditions.

For example, the complaint I keep hearing is that the lanes are hooking way too much for their liking. But the pattern is actually on the longer side for your typical house shots and the volume is, at the very least, average. But the issue is that last year, the center used very high volume, and when you bowl on that for a year, your body and your eyes get used to that.

So, now, all you have to do is let your body and your eyes grow accustomed to the new pattern. This obviously takes time, and it isn’t something you can speed up, but, like I said, just let it happen. Be patient. And with every shot, game, and night you bowl, you’ll only become more and more comfortable, and your scores will eventually improve.

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