Bowling Is Alive And Well

Bowling Is Coming Back Stronger Than Ever!

Bowling is alive! This much I’m sure of. And it isn’t very hard to see. 

Look around you. Look anywhere. Look at Fox’s coverage of the PBA. Look at the PWBA. Look at college bowling. Look at Junior Gold. People are bowling and people are watching bowling. 

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the PBA is only going to get better — and it’s already the best it has been in forever. But Fox is going to get better. They’re going to market better. And they’re going sell the product better. 

Junior Bowling Is Growing

Not sold yet? Look at this years Junior Gold. It was nuts. We had two of the pro shops there in Detroit that hosted the event and we had several managers there, as well. And let me tell you, the future is bright. 

All of these youth bowlers of today are the stars of tomorrow. 4000+ kids from 6 years old to 20 years old. All different levels of skill. All different goals. But, still, competing. Still growing. Still maturing. And still getting better. 

And as those 4000 kids age and get better, they’re going to move onto College bowling — which is already as big as it has ever been — and grow that area of our sport even more. 

And as the college programs get bigger, that is more and more high level coaching access to these kids, which, inevitably, will make them better. And as those kids get better, they’ll take the next step, then the next step, and so-on-so-fourth until it all becomes cyclical. 

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And once it becomes cyclical, we will have generations and generations of more and more bowlers. 

At a recent get together of store managers, we were discussing bowling, bowling ball sales, and the breakdown of those sales. 

I can’t share numbers. I can’t share market shares. But I can tell you sales are up. Across the board. And that’s good for the industry and the sport — both in the foreseeable future and the unforeseeable future.


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