PBA Tour’s Summer Swing Was Exactly What Professional Bowling Needed

Some Of The Best Professional Bowling I have Seen In Years

By Michael Cousins

The PBA Tour’s summer swing was exactly what professional bowling needed and it is exactly what we, the fans, got. 

If you didn’t follow along, you missed some great events. The patterns were tough, the bowlers were sharp, and the shows were exciting. 

We got a chance to see all styles of player and all different levels of experience. We saw rookies make their first shows, we saw veterans continue their success, and we saw some guys that haven’t won in awhile prove they still have it. 

I thought that the scores were fair, the patterns were challenging, and the tournaments were competitive. 

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PBA Summer Series Was A Huge Hit

We need more of this. This is the direction the tour should continue to go. And having talked to several of the players that competed, they 100% agree with me here — they loved it.

I spoke to players that had success — like Greg Young (who made his first two television appearances) and Kamron Doyle (who was as consistent as any player this summer) — and some players that felt they could have bowled better — like Chris Polizzi who manages our BowlersMart location in Sanford FL — and they all agreed that the tournaments, regardless of where they finished or how they finished, were a success for the PBA. 

While they were all FloBowling events, and not a part of the PBA’s deal with Fox Sports, thus not on television, participation and viewership were both great. I spoke with many customers that followed a long each and every week through either live scoring or FloBowling, which was awesome to hear, as I — like many — was worried that some of the hype of this past season would have died down after the Fox Sport’s portion of the event ended and the television shows were over.

FloBowling is going to be a big, big part of the PBA’s re-emergence and re-branding, so having fans support it and follow along is paramount. And, in my opinion, this summer has to be considered a huge success.

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