Fox Sports, Is It Bowling’s Savior?

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Fox Sports Was Exactly What The PBA Needed

Fox Sports may not have been the savior we all wanted at the time, but they have turned out to be exactly what we needed.

When the announcement came that professional bowling was partnering with Fox Sports as opposed to ESPN, many casual fans were skeptical; bowling had been on ESPN for years and years and it is, after all, the worldwide leader in sports.

So it was understandable, to a point, to see why they were worried. The fear that it wouldn’t reach enough people was real. And the fact that not everyone had a television package that included FSN was also legitimate. 

But here we are, all these months later, and professional bowling is thriving and it is in big thanks to Fox Sports.

PBA Is Thriving And Bowling Is Great

When the Belmo, Barnes, O’Neill, and Tommy Jones podcast dropped, they all discussed it, as well. And I thought they made a great point. Fox Sports’ coverage of professional bowling is as bad as it is going to be right now — and it is already very good.

What they meant was that bowling is still relatively new to Fox Sports, and they aren’t seasoned experts on how to market/produce it, but, despite that, they are already knocking it out of the park. When they say it is the worst it is going to be, what they — and myself — are really saying is that this is just the beginning of a partnership that could prove to be professional bowling’s saving grace.

Just a few short years ago, myself and many, many others, were incredibly concerned about the future of professional bowling. So much so, that I questioned if there was a future at all. 

And then our partnership with Fox Sports happened, and here we are.

The PBA Playoffs have proven to be a monumental success and I expect it to only grow from here. The Major coverage has been wonderful. And I cannot wait to see what they do with the PBA League, but — if it is like anything else that they have done — it will be spectacular.

And the best thing about the PBA League is that it is already an awesome, interesting product on its own. So you give an already interesting product to a company like Fox and only good things can happen. 

Needless to say, the questions have been answered and the worries were unnecessary. Fox hasn’t just helped bowling; it has saved it. All there is to do now is to wait, enjoy, and see just how much the sport grows because of this partnership. 

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