2020 Preseason PBA Power Rankings: No. 5 EJ Tackett

Published by FloBowling – Jan 4, 2020
By Jef Goodger

No. 5 EJ Tackett

Career Titles: 13 (2 majors)
Age: 27
2019 Earnings: $172,945 (rank: 7)
2019 Points: 26,895 (rank: 5)
2019 Peak Ranking: 2
2019 Low Ranking: 5

2019 Season

Tackett was the only player never to fall out of the top five in our power rankings throughout the entire season – his fourth straight year at an absolutely elite level. He’s also the only player to have 17 top-10 finishes on the season. Yes, 17. This includes his win in the PBA Tour Finals, a runner-up finish in the Tournament of Champions and a pair of seconds in the Summer Swing, where he led both the Bear and Illinois Opens but was unable to win the championship matches.

2020 Outlook

There’s a growing pool of contenders trying to seize control of the PBA Tour from Jason Belmonte and Tackett is at the top of that list. It doesn’t seem like his 2016 Player of the Year season was that long ago, maybe because his 2017 was probably even better, 2018 was no slouch and 2019 was amazingly consistent even if he only claimed one title. In 2020, Tackett will again contend more often than not, but he’s going to win multiple times and vie for his second Player of the Year award.

Preseason PBA Power Rankings

1. Jason Belmonte
2. Sean Rash
3. Bill O’Neill
4. Anthony Simonsen
5. EJ Tackett
6. Jakob Butturff
7. Dom Barrett
8. Kyle Sherman
9. Kris Prather
10. AJ Johnson
11. Kyle Troup
12. Marshall Kent
13. Tom Daugherty
14. Chris Barnes
15. Dick Allen
16. Jesper Svensson
17. Tommy Jones
18. Norm Duke
19. Francois Lavoie
20. Jason Sterner

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