2020 Preseason PBA Power Rankings: No. 9 Kris Prather

Published by FloBowling – Dec 31, 2019
By Jef Goodger

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2020 Professional Bowling Power Rankings Top 20 – Number 9 – Kris Prather

Career Titles: 2
Age: 27
2019 Earnings: $183,960 (rank: 4)
2019 Points: 18,230 (rank: 12)
2019 Peak Ranking: 3
2019 Low Ranking: 14

2019 Season

During the PBA Playoffs, even though it was being presented as a non-title event, we all kind of knew whoever won would eventually be awarded a title. That was true, and that man was Prather. After winning his first career title in the Scorpion Championship, Prather blasted his way through the PBA Playoffs and cashed the season’s biggest check of $100,000. In addition to his two wins, he finished in the top 10 seven other times and also made his PBA League debut by helping the Portland Lumberjacks win the Elias Cup.

2020 Outlook

Prather no longer carries the most-talented-without-a-title moniker, so now he’s just… talented? Going into 2019, Prather was highly touted as one of the game’s future stalwarts and he made those prognostications look great. 2020 is his chance to further prove it. He’s never lacked confidence, but now with actual experience winning on the PBA Tour, he’ll be even more difficult to knock off any time he makes a stepladder.

Preseason PBA Power Rankings

1. Jason Belmonte
2. Sean Rash
3. Bill O’Neill
4. Anthony Simonsen
5. EJ Tackett
6. Jakob Butturff
7. Dom Barrett
8. Kyle Sherman
9. Kris Prather
10. AJ Johnson
11. Kyle Troup
12. Marshall Kent
13. Tom Daugherty
14. Chris Barnes
15. Dick Allen
16. Jesper Svensson
17. Tommy Jones
18. Norm Duke
19. Francois Lavoie
20. Jason Sterner


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